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Prashant -> How many audio tracks?? (6/7/2003 6:21:39 PM)

Hi there!
This is my first query to this group.
I am transferring mp3s for the first time to an audio cd.
I wish to know if it is ok to burn abt 79 min of audio on an 80 min/700M cd? Actually I tried twice, the second time by reducing the number of tracks so that the cd is not full to the brim, but yet couldn't get the cd running properly in my audio player that runs other cds perfectly fine. Firstly, it takes a lot of time for the cd to get loaded and secondly, the player is taking too much time to change tracks, even eating up some of the initial seconds of some tracks and causing jitters with other tracks.
I'm using Nero 5.5. It showed me a message saying that it avoided quite many underruns... What is faulty in all this?

Prashant -> RE: How many audio tracks?? (6/7/2003 6:40:29 PM)

I forgot to add in my first post that the audio cds I made (that don't run well on my oldish audio cd player) yet run perfectly on my Samsung cd-r drive on my computer. However, I must repeat that my audio player works with other audio cds very well.
Thanks in advance for your help,

MP3Mogul -> RE: How many audio tracks?? (6/7/2003 6:48:14 PM)

If you got buffer underrun errors while producing the disc, there is a problem. Do you have DMA enabled? Are you attempting to burn from the hard drive to this disc or from disc to disc?

Prashant -> RE: How many audio tracks?? (6/8/2003 7:55:43 AM)

Thanks MP3Mogul for your reply.
Yes, I'm copying files from the disk to the cd.
And about DMA, I don't know how to check whether I've enabled it or not? Of course, I suppose, DMA is normally enabled by default on all computers, isn't it?
Do you think making a copy of this cd (disc-to-disc) will give me a better cd?
Also, I've never understood very well the effects of using a cd-r with a higher X recording rate: is only the recording quickened or somehow even the playback is affected?
Thanks en avance,

MP3Mogul -> RE: How many audio tracks?? (6/8/2003 4:00:51 PM)

Disc to Disc will give you the worst results. Higher recording speeds produce higher error counts. While these errors may or may not effect your disc, I have found it better to record somewhere between 12-16X.

Have you tried different brands of media? Some older players don't like certain media, and this could be the case.

As for DMA enabled or not, what operating system are you using?

Prashant -> RE: How many audio tracks?? (6/9/2003 8:54:56 AM)

I'm using Win XP.

MP3Mogul -> RE: How many audio tracks?? (6/9/2003 2:58:31 PM)

Click Start, then Right Click on my computer, select properties, then select hardware. Next select Device manager, then look for your IDE controllers. Click the plus sign, then check each channel by right clicking, properties, then select the advanced tab, this will show you the DMA settings.

Prashant -> RE: How many audio tracks?? (6/10/2003 7:23:33 AM)

Yeah, DMA is enabled.
Btw, I am sure you know a shorter cut to Device Manager: Windows key + Pause/Break -> Hardware tab -> Device Manager :-)

MP3Mogul -> RE: How many audio tracks?? (6/10/2003 7:24:57 AM)

Yes, but didn't know your "expertise" level and I was trying to make it easy in cause you didn't know.

Prashant -> RE: How many audio tracks?? (6/10/2003 7:03:15 PM)

Dear sir, I am a computers student so know a good great deal about windows, except for knowing where to locate the DMA settings :-)
Anyway, now to my real concerns: can't still figure out what's the problem with my cds... confirmed that my audio player doesn't support this brand of cds, or is it time to get myself a new player, as I am getting more and more sure my cds ARE ok?
Thanks for all your help.

MP3Mogul -> RE: How many audio tracks?? (6/10/2003 10:17:47 PM)

Try the discs you made in some different cd players, heck take them to an audio store and test them in some players, this will let you know if they are truly okay.

As for the player, don't give up, different players like different media. Try sampling a few different media brands until you find one it likes.

However if you're upgrading to a new player, alot of them are out there now that play CDR/CDRW/AUDIO CD/MP3's.

I was recently at Circuit City and picked up a RCA 5 Disc Changer that supports CD Text, CDR/CDRW and MP3's for 69.99!

Prashant -> RE: How many audio tracks?? (6/11/2003 4:50:25 PM)

I know it's getting a little too much for you Mr Mogul of MP3s, but can't help a straw abt my doubts.
Now what do I think of a cd that works just fine on my neighbour's player but refuses quite often to budge on mine? Ya, the cds ARE working well on another player, and they anyway work on my computer. I suppose my audio player is hypersensitive to error-ridden cds! Yet I can't help grudging that all other cds except this my heck fav Bryan Adams cd I'm making work silk smooth on my player. Just any way outta this?
Yeah, I must say your new cd changer is a real cool deal.

Prashant -> RE: How many audio tracks?? (6/13/2003 7:16:36 AM)

One wonders what a slight omission of words can make a good intentioned person sound bad and wrong...
Dear sir (MP3Mogul), kindly accept my apologies for a slight mistake in my last post:
"I know it's getting a little too much for you Mr Mogul of MP3s, but (I) can't (STILL) help (MYSELF) a straw abt my doubts."
I hope this clears any confusion about my gratitude to you. I am now, as ever, always thankful for all the help and knowledge you have offered me so far in this forum.
And now, earnestly looking forward to a reply to my last post...

MP3Mogul -> RE: How many audio tracks?? (6/13/2003 3:11:16 PM)

No problem, I wasn't confused, just trying to give you some genuine help.

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