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westgroveG -> List of DAE Drive Features (3/7/2005 7:00:31 PM)

This thread will be used to gather an accurate list of DAE drive features. Just post your drive(s) features in this thread & I will add them to my database.

The lists main purpose is to provide sample offsets for users who don't have one of EAC's key CD's & help people decide which is an optimal drive for use with EAC & which is a suitable drive for accurate results with CD Paranoia.

I will not add any incomplete records into the database so you must provide all the required fields.

Required Fields:

  • Type <-- First part of EAC's top-left list box
  • Model <-- Second part of EAC's top-left list box
  • Accurate Stream <--Detect Drive Features....
  • Caching <--Detect Drive Features....
  • C2 Error Info <--Detect Drive Features....
  • Overread I/O <--Detect read sample offset correction....
  • Sample Offset <--Detect read sample offset correction....
  • Firmware <--InfoTool


    Model - SH-152A
    Accurate Stream - YES 
    Caching - NO
    C2 Error Info - YES
    Overread I/O - Lead Out 
    Sample Offset - +12
    Firmware - C504

    Results so far:


    I will also release a .xls file if/when the database starts to really populate, that file can then be used to import the data I have gathered into the Offset Base, Accuraterip, SatCP, & any other web site or program that wants to have a drive feature database.

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