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mnadeem -> dvdinfo pro 3.49 (1/29/2005 10:03:41 AM)

i was trying to pi/pif ,, then messege came that,, Cd scanning is not yet supported

decx -> RE: dvdinfo pro 3.49 (1/29/2005 6:38:17 PM)

If you're referring to your 4163B, then yeah, scanning isn't supported because LG never supported PI PIF reporting in their fw. You're going to have to use another drive (if you have one) such as Liteon, BenQ or others which support this type of error reporting.

emperor -> RE: dvdinfo pro 3.49 (1/29/2005 7:12:56 PM)

With which drive you tried to scan and didn't worked?

mnadeem -> RE: dvdinfo pro 3.49 (1/31/2005 12:34:25 PM)

You are write ,,,, 4163B does not sopport , but i have also liteon ,, in version there is no support for CD scanning ,, only DVD media [:'(]

emperor -> RE: dvdinfo pro 3.49 (2/1/2005 3:22:15 AM)

I think that DVDInfoPro also supports C1C2 for LiteON drives, but then again i could be wrong, use KProbe or CDSpeed for your drive

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