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SiliconFreak -> Network-Anywhere 1.05.05 ! (1/20/2005 8:06:39 AM)

Publisher: Hello Pages
License: Free
Minimum requirements: Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003 Server
Uninstaller included?: Yes
Limitations: None

Software Publisher's Description
Imagine being able to connect to your PC and, view email, calendar, print, fax, or look up a phone number. Now you can. Network Anywhere allows you the ability to control your home or office PC as if you were sitting at the keyboard. Realtime full control over any PC.


Source :

Cooler -> RE: Network-Anywhere 1.05.05 ! (1/21/2005 7:52:36 PM)

SF, I could comment this with...
Erm... "Now you can"? Been there, done that for ages - First with VNC, then with Ultr@VNC.
But as you don't like me commenting your news, I don't. [8D]

I only ask - Which you think is better? [;)]

SiliconFreak -> RE: Network-Anywhere 1.05.05 ! (1/22/2005 5:29:56 AM)

HEY HEY HEY...[:D][:)]

I NEVER said that I dont like You to comment my news! Its the opposite...I would like for even more people to post their opinions about everything here...afterall thats what this is all get as much information as be able to[8D][:D][;)]

"Now You Can"...hahahaha...well....maybe its Hello Pages's first time that they have put together such program...[:)] I also know there are many,many similar other products available...but it would took ages to post them all lets stick with those that are "currently new,improved,best-of-the-best" (at least thats what their makers are trying to convince us each time they release some "new,hot,the best" product - although in many cases the truth lies somewhere between)...,ok? [:D] finish this...just go comments...I respect each and every comment from all members...afterall...democracy is here...and along with it...Freedom of speak speak speak...[:)][:D][;)]


Btw...havent tried those 2 programs that You've cant compare them...sorry...but if You know more...You are once again more than welcome to post that information...[;)]

Cooler -> RE: Network-Anywhere 1.05.05 ! (1/22/2005 4:16:07 PM)

Well, VNC was created at AT&T (if my memory serves?)

No need for trying out VNC, as Ultr@VNC is faster! [;)]
Link for Ultr@VNC

I'm using Ultr@VNC to quickly access my server at my LAN - Nice program!
No ad/spy/malware included, as you probably guessed, because of SourceForge address? [:)]

SiliconFreak -> RE: Network-Anywhere 1.05.05 ! (1/22/2005 4:22:53 PM)

Thank You very much for info & link! I dont have time to test it right now....but have already saved it in favourites folder and will check it out as soon as there are few minutes of free time available....[:)][;)] And I must say that from what I quickly read at its looks VERY PROMISING! [;)]

NetAdmin -> RE: Network-Anywhere 1.05.05 ! (1/26/2005 8:56:16 PM)

As one of the authors of NA i would like to comment about the comparison between NA and Ultr@vnc. As Ultra is open source and avalible to download for everyone so is NA, yes it has adware built in "nothing more than a redirect to a web page" sorry. It is not the actual software that we are boasting about it is the ability to control a workstation after a reboot before it is logged in to a network using a pointed clients server for remote administration porposes. For the Truth of the matter our software is based on Ultravnc technology.... Can you control a remote workstation from a click on a web page with out forwarding all kinds of ports on the cliets side? Only if the client is sitting in front of the workstation and "ADDS NEW CLIENT". With Network-Anywhere once it is installed the workstation will return every time the system is rebooted before it is logged in. Other than these few diferences you might as well say it is what it is and it work well on 1000's or workstations we have tested it on with many OS's. We have also built the Dynamic services in to each package so there is no more guessing "what my IP is"!NA Home Page P.S. The software that is free is not which i am talking about it's intension was to create traffic and get our name out there. As the author I would like to extend my gratitude by offering "SF" the moderator a free $495.00 copy of NA to properly make a comparison!

SiliconFreak -> RE: Network-Anywhere 1.05.05 ! (1/27/2005 8:59:34 AM)

Thank You for explaining us some details about this program! Appreciate that very much! [;)]

So I was picked up to receive that free gift worth $495!!? Wowwww....Great! THANK YOU! [:D] I would gladly make complete testing of Your program and publish case You were serious about all this (and You arent just some new Joker that Cooler sent to this page)...[:)]...then...just PM me and let me know more about it and also when and where may I download it (or will I get CD version also?)...[;)]

Enjoy! [:)]

And Welcome to our forum btw...I hope You'll enjoy it here...byeee [:)]

Deleted User -> [Deleted] (1/27/2005 10:53:27 AM)

[Deleted by Admins]

NetAdmin -> RE: Network-Anywhere 1.05.05 ! (1/27/2005 1:06:33 PM)

How many clients do you need to support NA supports 1000's of connections at one time as well:)

SiliconFreak -> RE: Network-Anywhere 1.05.05 ! (1/27/2005 1:18:58 PM)

The more the better....1000 will be fine I think...and what about if I want to add 1 more connection later? 1001? Will it be ok or will it crash?(just wonder) [8D][:)][;)]

Cooler -> RE: Network-Anywhere 1.05.05 ! (1/28/2005 11:33:51 PM)

Even while I'm not likely to give up with Ultr@VNC any time soon, I'd like to thank you for stepping in and explaining things to us! Allthought your explanation did clear up some of my misunderstandings about the features of Network-Anywhere, adware is a clear "STOP!" sign for me. As I undoubdtly never try the software, others may find it very useful for their usage. [:)]

SiliconFreak -> RE: Network-Anywhere 1.05.05 ! (1/29/2005 8:51:19 AM)

Hahahaha....I got my free copy...worth 495$...without any ADWARE! Cooler...You know how things go...dont You? Look....more You pay...more You got (or in this example....more You pay...less adware You get)...and remember...nothing is "free" nowadays...they need to earn something even with "free stuff"...dont You understand that? And if You want version without adware....just go and buy complete those $495...and of You go...[:)][:D] (Or shall I burn 1 copy since its You? hahahaahaha...Naaahhhhhhhhhhhh....I am always on legal sorry...cant help You with this one....I am really deeply sorry....)[:D][;)]

Smile,smile smileeeeeee...[:D][:D][:D]


NetAdmin -> RE: Network-Anywhere 1.05.05 ! (1/29/2005 4:09:13 PM)

SF nice that your in the spirit to bust on your buddy and all but you only have 1/2 the software there is 2 sides you need to email me the hostname for the account we talked about and i can email the clients server 2 you .... and tell you buddy Cooler that NA doesn't want to leave him out so if the two of you get together i think we might could get him a copy as well and maybe change him mind about "TERMINIAL SERVICES" hehe....

Cooler -> RE: Network-Anywhere 1.05.05 ! (1/29/2005 4:55:55 PM)

LOL, SF... [:D]

Edit: Testing via internet? THAT pops up few ideas, so can I reconsider? [:o]
SF, unless you get my PM, mail me, so we can arrange suitable time for testing, ok?

SiliconFreak -> RE: Network-Anywhere 1.05.05 ! (1/29/2005 7:53:50 PM)

HAAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA....New Joker in town....hahahahahaha....[8D][:D][:D]

Guys, Guys....I know I cant test it yet, I said...I will let You know when I set everything up...until now...I havent had the time...sorry...[:@][:)]

And Cooler...You wanna test also....huhh....since its You....hmmmmm....dont know...need to see what voting results will say.....[8D][:D][:D] But in general....I dont have nothing against let me know when You'll have Your account set up (will PM You all details!)?

See ya guys...enjoy! [;)]

Cooler -> RE: Network-Anywhere 1.05.05 ! (1/29/2005 10:47:34 PM)

Sorting out hte best connection times will be deliriously funny!
Have you checked the difference of our TZ yet?
Oh, and NetAdmin is in yet another quite different TZ! [:D]

Maybe I should take a few hours of sleep... as long as I still can? [:o]

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