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aslok -> Dv to DVD (1/11/2005 7:05:05 AM)

HI, I am having trouble burning my DV footage on to DVD. The footage is of my daughters first 10 months and I desperatley want to get it on to DVD so I can give out copies to my family.
So far I have manged to save it onto DVD but only so it plays on a PC. I want copies to play on regular DVD players. So far I have an mpg version and an avi version. I edited the footage with MGI Videowave which will do everything apart from burn, it freezes up at the point where it tries to transcode the footage.
The mpg footage is under 4GB so this is what i would like to use. I have DVD shrink but that wont open the folder where the footage is. It cannot recognise the footage. And I have nero 6, this complains that the footage is in too large chunks, (more than 2gb) but if i knew how to split the mpg into more manageable chunks I would. So can anyone help me?
Also I would like to say that I have been trying to do this on and off for like 6 months, I use various forums, but what has happened so far is that someone replies with something along the lines of 'is it plugged in' or you need to try with a smaller file' then dont reply to my second reply, then the thread seems to die. So if you are not sure how I can do this could you please not post a reply. Sorry to sound ungrateful but It feels like some folk are just trying to bump there posting total, rather than actually giving help.

MP3Mogul -> RE: Dv to DVD (1/11/2005 8:16:03 AM)

There are alot of programs that will accomplish what you need. I do alot of DV to DVD myself, and I use DVD Santa for this, it's straightforward, and does a really nice job..... Do a google for it.... it's about 29.00 USD.

aslok -> RE: Dv to DVD (1/12/2005 5:20:02 AM)

Thanks for the info, I d/loaded Santa demo and got a result, only now I have another question. The quality of the footage is poor, it looks good on slow moving parts, but any sudden movement results in a kind of zig-zag bleeding effect between objects. I know where this occured. Firstly I edited the footage in mgi videowave, which is what i want on dvd. Then I had to 'produce' the footage. This is where this poor quality occured. (at least I think so anyway) The choices at this stage for the format were: all, avi, mpeg, wmv, real. I chose mpeg. Then the choices for the produce template were: mpeg-1, mpeg-1 PAL, mpeg-2, mpeg-2 PAL, videocd, videocd PAL. I am in europe so pal is correct, but i believe that my choice of mpeg, then mpeg-2 pal, gave me a result, but seemingly not a high enough quality result. Producing a template takes my PC anything from 1 hour to 3 hours, so hopefully i can get some advice?
Once I resolve this and actually get a decent enough copy I will be purchasing DVD santa, it is the first time i got footage to DVD player, and thats worth £15.00 of my money.

ATH 2.4 3400+
400GB HD
RADEON 9800se 128 RAM
win xp

MP3Mogul -> RE: Dv to DVD (1/12/2005 6:26:34 AM)

I use Ulead Video Studio 8 to create my menus, add effects, and edit my DV before using DVD Santa to Burn. I have not seen any quality loss using this combination. However, like you stated, the process is long, and it takes a LOT of hard drive space, about 1 GB for 5 minutes of DV video.

aslok -> RE: Dv to DVD (1/12/2005 9:49:24 AM)

Well it just so happens that I have a copy of ulead mediastudio pro on disk, that came free with a magazine last week, so....I supose I will start from scratch maybe. Although this is not the same as Ulead video studio 8. Would you happen to know if my version will achieve the same results, before I start putting 6 hours of dv footage back into my pc?

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