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Cooler -> ECS K7S5A (12/6/2004 8:06:07 PM)

Has anyone educated guess (or SWAG) why I can't use Elixir 512MB 400MHz PC3200 DDR memory module(s) with ECS K7S5A?
I thought I could at least use them... even while not getting full advantage of faster memory. Unfortunately even with latest (which is old) BIOS the computer don't even go as far as POSTing properly. Lights of CD/DVD drives are flashing at boot and the system seems to try initialize them again and again... but nothing is seen on CRT.

MB has 2*SDR and 2*DDR slots and IMO even faster those memory modules should work...

Next step is to flash OC BIOS (if I can find working floppy?!) and if that's not helping... I have to get yet another temporary MB for 4-5 weeks usage. Not good choice, as in that case about 60 euros will be wasted! [8|]

SiliconFreak -> RE: ECS K7S5A (12/8/2004 7:16:19 PM)

Hello troublemaker...oopppssssss...sorry...HI COOLER! [:)][;)]

Just tell me exactly the model of MB (because there are many K7S5A models - 1.1, 3.1, 3.1B, Pro, + and which is it? Next...tell me which BIOS do You have onboard (in case You flashed it or something)?

Let me know.....and I will check for You...btw...I already checked few things...

1. Your Elixir RAM is backward compatible with PC2100 (Lucky You [:)][:D]) it should work with Your Mobo ("She" [:)] supports only PC1600 and PC2100 DDR DRAMs -200 and 266 Mhz modules)...but like I said...Your RAM will work at 266MHz..the only problem is the following...could You set CAS to 3 in Your BIOS(check under ADVANCED SETUP PAGE - SDR/DDR CAS LATENCY)? READ HERE about problems with Elixir and ECS mobos (they said some ECS mobos dont support CAS 3, so check Yours! - I guess this is the only problem why the ram doesnt if You may set CAS to 3...we will make it work 100%! [;)] - check it out and let me know ASAP!)

2. Only 1 type of RAM (so remove those old SDRAMs in case You have them installed and trash them [8D])...and also 1GB is max for Your mobo![;)]

3. Here are few more links with reviews of Your case You need to check something...NUMBER1...NUMBER2...NUMBER3...

So I guess thats it for now...let me know about those questions above...and we will make it work somehow (or You could pack and sent those RAMs to me for 60€ in case they wont work for You) [8D][:D][;)]

Respond ASAP so we may continue...

Bye4now...Silicon out...[;)]

EDITED : I also have exactly the same problems with flashing CD and DVD lights when upgrading to 1Gig...and also problems with Startup procedure....with accesing BIOS....with locking up...with recognizing only 512MB instead of 1Gb or RAM.....etc etc...and if I managed to fix that...i am 99% sure You can also! [;)]

Cooler -> RE: ECS K7S5A (12/8/2004 8:48:04 PM)

Modev is K7S5A v1.3 (non-B as far as I can tell) and BIOS is... hmm... (Launching Everest...) dated at 08/11/03, which I believe is the latest (non-beta) for this. Board came with it - I've not (yet) flashed (OC or beta) and it took ages to eve find this same version from the net...

If my memory serves, there's NO setting for CAS in BIOS, but I could get it available with OC BIOS... as well as other hidden settings!
I did remove old sticks when I tried, so RAM type conflict is not what's happening here. As soon as I can find even one darn working floppy... OC BIOS, here we go. If you don't see mee soon here "making troubles" again, something went haywire... [:D]

And no, you can't have these memory modules - Ask Santa to bring some of them for you, too! [:D]

I'll be back as soon as I have any news on this - Thanks for those links!

Edit: Even THIS link had not enough info and it was not possible to ask there without registration with 3rd party (EZBoard).

2nd edit: My memory failed me again - there was a setting for CAS, but it had no effect. New memory still unusable with this MB. What's even worse, I can't flash, because flasher bombs out (Exception blah blah, Error code 2). It looks like I'm out of options and I have to get another temp MB! I get new GFX card and el-cheapo MB replacement at next week... or I get GFX card or new MB etc.

Either way, this don't look good and my carefully planned upgrade schedule is totally messed up. [:'(]

Cooler -> RE: ECS K7S5A (12/9/2004 7:41:01 AM)

SiliconFreak, newsflash...

Now both modules installed and working! [:)]
Some times it pays to be stubborn SOB, don't you think? [8D]

As most of K7S5A users have had more troubles with SDR than DDR, I simply refused to believe that MY MB was exception... so instead of having some sleep, I (nearly) started to bang my head into this problem. In short, this is how I solved it:

Tried to few different versions of command-line flasher, until I realized I had HIMEM.SYS and EMM386.EXE used in my "stock" boot floppy image. Removed them only to see that flasher failed again - This time not bombing to error message, but silently doing nothing. Got pissed with it and decided to search menu-driven flasher. It took some time to find (working) one and check usage of it, but I finally succeeded to flash HoneyX OC BIOS. Booted up computer by loading defaults with keyboard hot keys and... tadaa! There comes text into display, so into BIOS we go. After fiddling there a bit this and that, saving and exiting. When computer still bootable, power off and changing SDR to DDR. Deep breath and power on... and there were all the memory reckognized. Quick peek at BIOS to be sure, reboot and Win2K up. Launching CPU-Z only to see that DDR's are running at CAS 2.5! [:)]

Now I should test a bit... but I really need some sleep, so I'll be back later. maybe I should OC a bit, too? [:D]

SiliconFreak -> RE: ECS K7S5A (12/9/2004 9:31:05 AM)

Yeahhhhhhhh...I just simply knew it...[:)][:D]

Congratulations on Your acchievements! And welcome in 1Gb Club btw![8D]

So You see that sometimes it pays off to spend hour or two extra to tweak everything up (rather to start searching for new RAM, new Mobo, new....[:D][;)])

So now Your RAM runs at CL2.5...same as mine...I was worrying that it wont work on CL2.5 because its maker said that it works on CAS3 only!?...although I know that in most cases its possible to change that for at least half a point (from 3 to 2.5 or so)...well nevermind...I am really glad that it works now! (try some Sysoft Sandra 2004 memory tests and publish results here so we may compare [:D]). And at what frequency it runs now? 133 (266mhz DDR)? Try OC it...but not too much...or You might need to reset BIOS settings again (which is no big deal,but anyway) [:)][;)]

Conclusion : So I really must write to Santa for my new RAM? There will be no deal here I guess...[:)] Well dont worry...I was only joking about it...I have my 3 banks full...and even without that...I dont plan to upgrade least not my present system...[;)]

Have a nice day and see ya soon!

Greetings, Silicon.


Cooler -> RE: ECS K7S5A (12/9/2004 11:39:23 PM)

Thanks! Always happy to be member of "Minimun RAM" Club! [:D]
By putting up extra work (and risking flashing?) I saved about 60-70 euros...

This is what Everest tells about timings of these modules:
Memory Timings
@ 200 MHz	3.0-3-3-8  (CL-RCD-RP-RAS)
@ 166 MHz	2.5-3-3-7  (CL-RCD-RP-RAS)

I don't have that SiSoft software, as I got pissed with it a long time ago.
It used to pick (sometimes very inaccurate) results from hat, so I dumped it.
I've never been keen to these softwares measuring hardware for comparison, as hw vendors find their way to cheat those.
If upgrade is worth to do, user can see it by experiencing faster computer! No need for software giving "points"...

Oh, next thing is to OC a bit - 147-148MHz FSB should not be a problem?

Four days... still four days, before next upgrade!
With my luck the local dealer tells me then that either they still don't have 6600GT AGP or they're sold out?
OR... I find that it don't work with my poor 'puter? [:o]

SiliconFreak -> RE: ECS K7S5A (12/10/2004 10:02:00 AM)


Nice, nice...not only that we are in the same "Minimum RAM" club [8D][:)] now...but we also have same memory timings - 2.5,3,3,7 @ 166Mhz [;)]. Just one what speed does Your RAM runs now? 333(166)Mhz or 266(133)? I guess the at last one huh? (because You said You wanna overclock to 148mhz...) [;)] Well...try it out al the way up to 150Mhz if You wish...but do it slow...and put RAM on some extensive test at each higher You'll be sure it will work as it should...btw...I changed my speed to 187Mhz (374DDR) and then completely forget about it...and in windows...every time when I loaded more memory&Cpu intensive programs...the computer just reset by itself...and it took me quite awhile before I remembered that my previous OCing game was responsible for that...[:)][:D][;)] So I recommend You to test it good, so that You wont have same problems later...[;)]

Ohhh...and if You dont trust Sandra(btw..she is real hot sexy babe [8D])...nevermind...I dont neither...and I also know there are many cheats possible at those programs...I just use it to get some approximate results of where I stand...(yet the best results are not in numbers - like You also said - but in "real-life" actually seeing programs or games running faster and so on...[;)]

But...since You said EVEREST...try SPEED TESTS there...and publish those memory speeds(and maybe also OCed ones), just to get some picture of Your speedy 'puter [;)]


And dont worry about 6600GT...there are enough of them in the You'll get Yours next week [:)]

Matthew -> RE: ECS K7S5A (12/10/2004 5:12:19 PM)

Unless the RAM is run faster than the FSB, it will be at 133 (not 166) so you could probably force CAS 2 timings out of it.

If you plan on an agressive FSB overclock, may be safer to leave it at default timings for 166.

A good dose of Prime95, 3Dmark and wahatever else you can think of is essintial when overclocking - you need to watch for both temperature (especially if you raise the core voltage a point or two), and stabilty under load.

If you test in steps of 5MHz, you need at least one stable step above where you leave it, to be sure it's not right on the ragged edge.

Cooler -> RE: ECS K7S5A (12/12/2004 5:56:57 AM)

RAM is running at 266(133) now, as I've had a huge loads of stuff to do, before I have time to for any OC attempt. I believe FSB/mem at 150/150 is unbootable, but 147/147 or 148/148 should be just fine. There is also a slight chance that 166 may work, but it's pure luck if it does. I'll try to remember saving the results before and after OC, but I don't think there's a much difference...

Oh, and if I don't get 6600GT at next week, I may fall to buying frenze and get better CPU or whatever. After all, I can't save money, so it's better spend it to small hardware upgrades, eh? [:D]

IMHO, if I get better FSB/mem speed, it's better than a bit lower CAS. AFAIK, changing core voltage is not an option, as I have no hardware mods with this board! Hopefully heat is not going to be a problem...

SiliconFreak -> RE: ECS K7S5A (12/12/2004 12:28:23 PM)


Like I said before...try different setups to find the best one...just dont push too far or You might really need a new CPU (or even complete MB if it burns together with CPU)...[8D][:)][:D][;)]

Btw...check THIS PAGE...and download this manual...then let me know if Your BIOS looks like this one...[;)]

Also dont forget to post some results (normal and OC ones) so we could do some analysis here...[:D][;)]

If the BIOS from the link above is same as yours...then You really cant change Core voltage...but that shouldnt prevent You from pushing it bit higher...although it would be fine to get voltage few tenths of a volt higher to get best results...(but then again...better to buy new CPU...than to push this one to the limit)...[:)]

Ohhh...which CPU are You using anyway? Which multiplyer are You using as default? Can You at least set voltage of ram? (this last question needs no answer...because You ram runs al the way up to 200(400DDR) Mhz without pushing voltage higher...) [;)]

Okkkkkkkkk...enough questions and everything....tomorrow is new new GPU 4 You....good luck...and let us know of how it goes...[:)][;)]

Best wishes, SF.

Cooler -> RE: ECS K7S5A (12/15/2004 3:19:45 AM)

"K7S5A PCB V1.X"?
Not v3.1?

My BIOS is "Honey X" OC BIOS from here - and use "BIOS" link on top... and scroll down resulting page:
"OC 030327beta Notes: This beta shall fix problems with 160GB> HD drives. Updated to display correctly the PR ratings of newer 2400+ and 2600+ CPUs./ IO APIC enabled by default "

If you leave APIC enabled, you should reinstall OS, so it might be a good idea to disable it from BIOS, first. It does not really matter what BIOS you're using, as changing voltages requires hw-mod, if my memory serves. But there ARE advantages you get by using this BIOS... [;)]

My CPU is AMD XP1700+. Currently with standard multiplier and bus, because OC'ing it properly requires several reboots and open case (to clear CMOS). Too much troubles now and i don't need more troubles right now... [:D]

What comes to OC'ing, after a few reboots I decided to continue after having new GFX card. Wait... ever heard about "Murpy's law" (Not the same Murphy which is played by Clint Eastwood)? Yeah... phoned half of the shops around the city only to see GF6600GT APG still not available! [:(]

So... if 2 phone calls left to make don't get any results, I may get new CPU and MB as well. Likely to be AMD64 3000+ (Socket 939, 90nm Winchester core)... and fit it to whatever MB I can get. If I wait any longer, money starts to burn in my pocket too much... [8D][:D]

Maybe I just get new GFX card at next month, when they are more likely to be really available... [:o]

Cooler -> RE: ECS K7S5A (12/15/2004 8:20:38 AM)

Well, as it happened so, S939 CPU was available, but all suitable MB's were gone. Not even one in stock. [:'(]

So, I had to make a compromise: AMD64 3000+ and ugly looking DFI MB with nF3 chipset... with S754 only. Hopefully this will last a year. Currently backing up stuff from HD... and start swapping hardware and installing OS and software later.

Better this than no upgrades at all... I hope. [8|]

SiliconFreak -> RE: ECS K7S5A (12/15/2004 10:36:45 AM)


About BIOS...I was only asking if Your bios looks like that one (like K7S5A PCB V1.X) doesnt matter long as everything works ok now...[;)]

I surely heard of Murphy's law...actually I think of it as being MY LAW...because same things happen to me almost each day... [8D][:D]

About 6600GT could that be?...there are plenty on the market...I checked and found plenty of them in our local stores...the only point is...that they are kinda expensive here (approx.280-300$ per piece - depends from manufacturer and specifications - because some cards have faster ram onboard and stuff)...but all-in-one...they are great cards! [:)][;)]

And finally...about CPU&MB...I guess its like You said...better this than nothing (even more, because You said Your money started to burn in Your pockets....have You won the lottery again or what??? [8D][8D]) I guess You should be fine for a year or so...and then...story continues...or...Your Quest Continues (just like at Samurai Jack Cartoon @ CartoonNetwork - if You watch it from time to time...[:)][:D][;)])....

So now You just do what needs to be done....install everythiing and so on....and then get back to us with fresh reports about how it works in practice...[:D][;)]

ENJOY! [;)]

Cooler -> RE: ECS K7S5A (12/19/2004 6:11:49 AM)

Last (HoneyX OC) BIOS had much more options than that one. It even made possible to enable APIC...

Oh... and you can call me Mr. Murphy, as I forgot to backup some data. I even had to make new reinstall of OS, because I accidentally let those stupid "chipset mfg HD drivers" install and they quickly rendered whole system inoperable!

about 6600GT AGP... well, Finland is "far away" and market is small, so naturally cards are delivered first to those shops which can make huge sales. I can wait a little longer for my new GFX card it being under 250 euro. [;)]

No, I did not won any lottery, but I had money for upgrade just because I managed to arrange other expenses beforehand. [:)]

New system feels quite much faster than old one - Even without new GFX card!
After rest of software I'm using is installed, it's time to check if old GFX card can handle C&C: Generals, because of faster operation given by MB.

Oh... and I have to configure that weird firewall of nVidia (nF3 250Gb), as those ugly ads of CDRInfo are showing again! [:D]

SiliconFreak -> RE: ECS K7S5A (12/19/2004 4:05:10 PM)

Hi Murphy...[:)][8D]

I see that You made it...congratulations...C&C Generals will be very gratefull to You...[:)]

Why should You configure firewall? And which ugly CDRInfo ads are You talking about?[:@] I guess what You need is XP with popup blocker...if You like to prevent those CDRInfo homepage popups to appear(and also stop supporting our advertisers this way [:@])...[:)][;)] Or would You like to block CDRInfo completely? [:D][:)][8D]

ENJOY. [;)]

Cooler -> RE: ECS K7S5A (12/19/2004 11:31:34 PM)

C&C: Generals - Zero Hour is indeed much faster... but it still crashes sometimes! It did it even while in skirmish menu, when I was somewhat 15 minutes away from computer, so it has nothing to do with load. As there are some other peculiar behaviours as well, I may have to think about BIOS and drivers upgrades sooner or later.

Ads? Well, I had software firewall before hardware change, so it was easy to block ads which are manifesting as underlining of words and ugly yellow "popups". I can't remember the address to be blocked, so I have to find a way for full logging via nVidia's firewall thingy. I could manage to suppress those easily with software firewall, but I don't want to install such thing anymore (not to mention EyeCandyXP), as PopUpCop should be enough for my usage.

Reason for blocking those ads is simple - they're very annoying and easily misleading! [:'(][:(]
Unfortunately, there are similar ads on other sites... and blocking these from one site don't work on other. [>:]
There's no reason at all to block anything else from CDRInfo yet.

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