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Evolution -> IDE/SATA config issue w/ multiple drives (12/6/2004 3:56:59 PM)

Hey all. I recently decided to add a second CD/DVD drive to my system... just a ROM drive as the reader for disc-to-disc. I have a ND-3500A as my burner. The problem is I have a Dimension 8400, only 1 IDE bus... and right now it's being used by my secondary HD and the NEC. I'd like to keep my PCI slots open, and I don't foresee needing any more IDE devices, so purchasing an IDE PCI card seems like a waste.

I'm looking at getting the Addonics IDE->SATA converter and the Lite-On 167T from for about $50 shipped. I figure I can hook the adapter up to my secondary HD and run that as SATA... then just use the IDE cable for my 2 disc drives.

I know the Lite-On is fairly popular around here, but I was wondering if anybody has experience with the Addonics or similar converters. Also, does anyone know of a better/more economical solution to my issue?


tqhoang -> RE: IDE/SATA config issue w/ multiple drives (12/10/2004 10:23:24 AM)

Wouldn't you need an SATA->IDE converter (not sure if it exists) to use your HD on the SATA controller? The converter you mentioned is for using a SATA drive on a PATA/IDE port.

Also what is the reason that you don't want to use anything on your PCI bus? Promise PCI cards are very popular and work well...if you have the latest drivers. This is probably your most cost-effective/future proof/practical solution. It'll support 2 SATA hard drives and also up to 2 PATA/IDE drives.
Promise SATA150 TX2plus

There's also the newer version of that card that supports command queueing (both NCQ & TCQ) but it's for the newer hi-performance HD's and that probably isn't cost-effective for your needs.
Promise SATAII-150 TX2plus

Evolution -> RE: IDE/SATA config issue w/ multiple drives (12/13/2004 12:22:00 PM)

Actually the converter I bought works just fine for running an IDE drive on a SATA port. I'm pretty sure that's what it was intended for. The configuration works fine. I'm just having trouble with one of my DVD drives. [:@]

tqhoang -> RE: IDE/SATA config issue w/ multiple drives (12/14/2004 1:27:18 AM)

Oops, sorry about that matey. The picture looked like it was a SATA to IDE converter.

Iggy -> RE: IDE/SATA config issue w/ multiple drives (12/14/2004 1:32:06 AM)

I don't know if you can flash your drive from this controller, can you?

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