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prmz -> Power DVD brightness correction (12/6/2004 9:43:13 AM)


I would like to ask you all, how to adjust the brightness when watching any DVD with that software ? I have just watched my new DVD, and at the first time - it was perfect, there was no need to correct brightness. But when i started the film for the second time - everything was much more darker and I cannot find where I could regulate brightness. Any ideas ? The software is Power DVD, dvd-rom - Lite-on 1633S

All comments are welcome !

Thank you very much !

Iggy -> RE: Power DVD brightness correction (12/6/2004 10:08:47 AM)

In Power DVD, if you right click in the screen, even while playback, go to configuration and in the Video tab. On the botttom change the profile to Bright.[;)]

prmz -> RE: Power DVD brightness correction (12/6/2004 12:32:06 PM)

Exactly ! But it doesn't help. There are more brightness' modes, such as "original" etc. But the brightest ("Bright") is not as bright as there was at the first time when i watched :/ X-files, isn't it ?[:D]

prmz -> RE: Power DVD brightness correction (12/6/2004 2:14:57 PM)

Well people, I think I have just solved that problem. I reset drive's regional code. Made it to 5 times available to change, inserted the dvd, and the power dvd asked me to choose the region. I did as I was asked. And the film started ok (brightly as at first). But for the second time it was very dark :) Where is the logic ?

MP3Mogul -> RE: Power DVD brightness correction (12/6/2004 6:43:10 PM)

Sounds like a graphics driver problem. Have you tried to reinstall your graphics driver for your video card?

prmz -> RE: Power DVD brightness correction (12/11/2004 3:05:24 AM)

ghm..No I haven't...But I will try. Thanks!

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