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Paul881 -> MPEG2 Encoder/Decoder (11/10/2004 8:45:34 AM)

My first post, so be gentle with me[8|]

I have just installed an NEC 3500 DVD-RW OEM version and at the same time, bought Nero 6 OEM suite, including Showtime. When I try to play Video's, I get a message saying that I have to buy an mPEG 2 liscence for £25 from nero.

Is this right, or is there a work around?

As a newcomer to all of this, I was also amazed that WMP10 can't playback a DVD either.

scuba_steve -> RE: MPEG2 Encoder/Decoder (11/10/2004 8:59:03 AM)

I'm not 100% familiar with the different Nero versions (OEM/Enteprise etc.). I guess the oem version does not support DVD playback( a way to cut down the cost of the bundle). Along with WMP software, they lack the necessary codecs to playback DVD Video.

A workaround I can think of is installing another freeware dvd player software. One completely freeware solution I can think of now is VideoLan media player.

Iggy -> RE: MPEG2 Encoder/Decoder (11/10/2004 9:18:40 AM)

Welcome to CDRinfo's Forum!

There are some DVD packs, something like drivers, which might help you. I'll search for them. Otherwise you can install a freeware player.

Deleted User -> [Deleted] (11/10/2004 9:30:31 AM)

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