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Raberti -> MiniDisc digital out (10/12/2001 9:08:55 AM)

Is there anyone who succeeded in implanting an optical out into a sony minidisc-player of the small size (smaller than walkman)?
And if, how? Are anywhere some drawings of the players mainboard in the web? (I really searched, but I didn't find any.)
Merci Hub.

digi -> RE: MiniDisc digital out (10/12/2001 9:16:34 AM)

Ya, implanting is the right word here.
You probably need to be a neurological surgeon to be able to do it.

But if anyone succeed i'd love to know it too.

best regards,
new member my foot

Raberti -> RE: MiniDisc digital out (10/12/2001 3:31:28 PM)

I know I will have to wear glasses as big as ice-cubes. But if there is a chance to make it work???

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