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eleajar -> RE: LG GSA-4160B Review!!! (10/26/2004 3:09:48 AM)


ORIGINAL: johanneshahn


get the LG model m8 and not the NEC/tdk devil thing. NEC based drives are totally unreliable. 2 out of 10 are damaged

why ar u telling something like this? i owned the nd-3500a and I'm totally happy with it, burned over 20 dvds and 12 cds with it! no probs till now!

i am telling this cause 2 out of 10 NEC drives have problems while none of LG drives have problems. I agree that NEC 3500 is a high quality burner, but you must feel lucky to buy one. (personal opinion, after expirienced a lot of problems with my 2510)

webpredator -> RE: LG GSA-4160B Review!!! (10/29/2004 8:41:12 PM)

I have seen here : that the are 2 new firmware version available ! Has anyone installed them and can tell the differences/fixes it brought with ?

Thanks a lot !
Please let me know !



P.S: What software do i have to use to see my current firmware?

Iggy -> RE: LG GSA-4160B Review!!! (10/30/2004 6:58:46 AM)

A302 is the latest. Go for it. Much more media.

zzamolxxe -> RE: LG GSA-4160B Review!!! (11/1/2004 1:05:13 PM)

wich is better between GSA-4160B and Pioneer DVR-108 ??

Dusha1 -> RE: LG GSA-4160B Review!!! (11/2/2004 7:08:36 AM)

Dear all,

I'm a little bit confused with the "Protected CD test" for LG GSA-4160B posted on

According to the table, drive cannot backup SD 3.1 at all.

But in the comments below table it is told that:

The LG GSA-4160B can backup accurately only up to SD v2.8, while it fails to backup SD2.9 and the newest 3.1 without EFM correction on.

Does that mean that drive is capable to produce SD 3.1 working backup with EFM turned ON?

I'm currently searching for the best choice to make SD backups and it looks like that Sony DRU-700A (MT1818E chipset) is the best. Unfortunately, a newer model (DRU-710A) based on the enchanced MT1828E chipset is not good enough in terms of creating SD backups (accroding to the review posted on CDRInfo)...

Please anyone advise

Iggy -> RE: LG GSA-4160B Review!!! (11/2/2004 8:07:12 AM)

Welcome to CDRinfo's Forum!

If a drive cannot create a working backups with EFM enabled then it definately cannot do it with the same feature disabled.

I would suggest you a CDRW for this protection.

nachosavage -> RE: LG GSA-4160B Review!!! newbie question (11/7/2004 4:58:25 PM)

will the disk burned with this drive play on regular dvd players (standalone players)?
like a philips or a sony


Iggy -> RE: LG GSA-4160B Review!!! newbie question (11/8/2004 1:34:02 AM)

Welcome to CDRinfo's Forum![:)]

Which one?

nachosavage -> RE: LG GSA-4160B Review!!! newbie question (11/8/2004 8:16:29 AM)


the burner, GSA 4160B LG


Iggy -> RE: LG GSA-4160B Review!!! newbie question (11/8/2004 8:21:31 AM)

I apologize, I meant which disc, the CDRW?[:D]

nachosavage -> RE: LG GSA-4160B Review!!! newbie question (11/8/2004 10:55:48 PM)

dont know really, any kind I guess

my last burner was a Teak 55S cd burner, so you can tell I´m not really up to date here, so all help it´s apreciated

Iggy -> RE: LG GSA-4160B Review!!! newbie question (11/9/2004 1:25:32 AM)

I am refering to your quaestion: "will the disk burned with this drive play on regular dvd players (standalone players)? ".

So, do you mean the CDRW disc or something else?

What exactly do you want to do?[:)]

nachosavage -> RE: LG GSA-4160B Review!!! newbie question (11/9/2004 7:30:21 AM)

lets see

a CDR CDRW(video cd)
a DVDR or DVDRW (dvd movie)

jcang2 -> RE: LG GSA-4160B Review!!! (11/13/2004 1:30:15 AM)


I've just bought the LG GSA-4160B too.
Well, you see, I'm contemplating getting the Verbatim 4X DVD+R, as I'm mostly using it to archive my data, but I'd like to get the 8X, if it's as good as the 4X, but double the speed.
But I noticed that in the review, the Verbatim 8X DVD+R was only tested at 12X, but not 8X.
Can someone post the result of burning @ 8X?

Iggy -> RE: LG GSA-4160B Review!!! (11/13/2004 6:25:34 PM)

@ nachosavage


@ jcang2

The 8X will be even better than the 12X.[;)]

danijelg -> RE: LG GSA-4160B Review!!! (11/13/2004 7:59:52 PM)

Just got my 4160B drive, and I've noticed some problems... First, it won't write on Verbatim RW in Nero - I got a "Connection failure" error at around 7% of burning. I also tryed a regular CD-R - same error. Second, it won't upgrade from A300 to A320 - the upgrade software gives me an error, too.

Can anyone help?

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