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wipeout -> Yamaha CRW2200 in SCSI mode (1/3/2003 11:56:53 AM)

I purchased the Yamaha CRW2200 CD-RW quite some time ago now, and have been successfully using it without the SCSI converter (ie. in EIDE mode) without any issues.

I've decided to use it in SCSI mode, to overcome the issue of potential buffer underruns when copying directly from an IDE CD-ROM drive (which used to be on the same IDE channel).

I've tried with a Tekram 315U, a Kowell KW-910U (Initio chipset) and an Adaptec 39160. I've tried with different "known-good" 50-pin SCSI cables.

I have the CRW2200 configured exactly as the Yamaha manual specifies (SCSI ID3, Parity ON, Termination ON, Block OFF on the SCSI converter).

The symptoms are as follows:

* the SCSI card is correctly detected by WinXP Pro (with latest manufacturer firmware and/or drivers as appropriate)
* the CRW2200S is detected by the operating system, and the drive appears in Windows Explorer as a "CD-RW Drive".
* when any CD media is inserted, the drive spins up, attempts to read, and ends up in a loop of retrying and failing (if you try to click on the drive or access it in any fashion while a disk is in the drive, the program stops responding until you remove the CD media)

Any ideas?

For reference, the system contains the following:
* Tyan TigerMP motherboard
* 2 x AthlonMP 1800+ CPUs
* 1GB of ECC Registered DDR SDRAM (2 x 512MB Samsung DIMMs)
* 128MB ATI Radeon 9700 Pro AGP graphics card
* WD800JB Western Digital 80GB ATA HDD (IDE0 Master)
* WD400BB Western Digital 40GB ATA HDD (IDE0 Slave)
* Pioneer DVD-116 16x DVD-ROM (IDE1 Master)
* Adaptec 39160
* Yamaha CRW2200SZ (SCSI channel A, SCSI ID3)
* Intel PRO/100S Management Adapter (NIC)
* 3.5" 1.44MB Sony FDD
* Leadtek WinFast TV XP (TV tuner)
* Creative Labs Audigy DE (soundcard)
* Enermax 550W PSU

I have installed the Adaptec U160 SP4.

Thank you!

ps. I know the 39160 is overkill: I will soon be adding 1 or 2 15K.3 HDD(s)

Laffin Assassin -> RE: Yamaha CRW2200 in SCSI mode (1/5/2003 6:28:37 PM)

Hi wipeout
Well the first thing I would suggest is to try My Aspi Fix and see if that makes any difference you can download it from :-
I hope this Helps !!! [:)]

wipeout -> RE: Yamaha CRW2200 in SCSI mode (1/8/2003 12:55:07 PM)

When I go to this link, a Yahoo error page comes up stating "This page is not available.". It goes on to explain that you need to create an index page as Yahoo does not allow direct linking to files from external sites.

Is there anywhere else I can get this file?

Laffin Assassin -> RE: Yamaha CRW2200 in SCSI mode (1/11/2003 12:55:58 AM)

All you have to do to get the file if you are having problems is use a download manager such as Flashget and you will have no problems the file is there and the link is still working as I have just tested it yet again but it is a busy server !!! [:)]

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