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whitelude -> www.dgtalmax.com (9/20/2004 4:25:32 PM)

online shop in Vancouver, 604 area. They are also at Night Market: C17

They have Princo / Prodisc / Ritek / Matrix

I have Pioneer A107 / LG 4120, and I have tried the following with no problem.

Ritek DVD-R: 50 pack $40.00
- these burn at 8x with my Pioneer 107 and LG 4120
- burns good PS2 games / movies
- silver top

Prodisc InkJet Printable DVD-R: 50 pack $35.00 or $38.00.. I forgot
- burn 4x with both of my burner
- white top, to the centre hub
- inkjet printabl

Princo DVD-R: not thermal, but InkJet Printable: 50 pack $35.00
- burns 4x on both my burner
- I bought so much thermal princo before, and had no problem with my Pioneer, I just picked up the LG 4120, so still trying these out. These are InkJet printable, so made things a lot easier for me.

Matrix DVD-R 4x : 50 pack $40.00
- 0 bad burn so far with my Pioneer ( 300+ )
- 0 bad burn so far with my LG4120 ( close to 100)
- I read so many bad things about them, but for me, no problem at all, and they play pretty fast on my Citizen dvd player.

Matrix DVD-R 8x : 50 pack $45.00
- I bought a 50 pack to try, and it burns 8x on both of my machines
- noticed faster burning time
- Citizen dvd player takes the media as usual

they also have mp3 players and CD folders.
- cd folders for 400 cds are $15.00.....

The guy that I spoke to is Jimmy, pretty friendly guy.
You can mail him and ask him questions / quotes sales@dgtalmax.com

but I suggest people to go to the night market and talk to him.

overall rating for www.dgtalmax.com is pretty good.

I also bought some cheapys from local shops... those ones 25 pack for 15 bucks.. but now 9.00.... at first they seem fine, but....towards the end of the movie... they start to skip.. >___< thought it was my dvd player.. but then took them over to my friends house.. still the same..... those are AN31 & AN32 discs.... so.. stay away from them....
just a friendly reminder.

I'm new here..but if I see cheap stuff..I'll be sure to post here..

the DVD burner LG4120, is now 93 bucks at anitec.

take care..


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