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cross56 -> Who makes Verbatium 48X media? (12/16/2002 4:39:59 PM)

I'm thinking about buying the 48X media from Sams Club and i'm wondering who makes the Verbatium 48X media? With my 24X Liteon I used the 16X Verbatiums and they burned awesome. I believe they were Mitsubishi. Also Imation usually burns pretty good. Who makes the 48X Imation now? Any help would be great.

john -> RE: Who makes Verbatium 48X media? (12/17/2002 2:06:12 AM)

Verbatim 48X comes again from Mitsubishi Chemicals, while the 48X Imation from CMC Magnetics

adelphia83 -> RE: Who makes Verbatium 48X media? (12/25/2002 3:22:14 AM)

The 48X approved Verbatim Datalife Plus found at Sam's club is indeed Mitsubishi Chemicals. It is using the super Azo dye, which looks comparable to other cyanine dyes (a bland blue, almost greyish). These discs have worked great for me, and they are very cheap at most stores (15$ for a 50 spindle, 24$ for 100).

There are also some Datalife plus's sold at Sam's club that are colored on the top label, and rated up to 32X, that are using the Metal Azo dye, which is a really dark blue, and much cooler in my opinion. They come in 50 packs with colored slim jewel cases. I have had terrific results with these discs. If they are around the same price, I'd opt for the latter.

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