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lakerssuperman -> TDK Digital Mixmaster (8/25/2001 10:50:24 PM)

There Appears To Be Some kind of copy protection on this thing. I inserted a Cd My sister got from some camp she went to. It was a cdr disc containing music from some small time artist that was there. However when i tried to copy it with MixMaster it said it was copyrighted and aborted. that was the wierdest thing. It does it for other things that are protected like games. Anyone know whats up with this and if there is any way around it with this software. By the way my drive is the tdk velocd 24x10x40 I also have nero and easy cd creator 5 just to give you a little backround. I was able to copy the audio cd with clone cd but this Mixmaster thing is bugging me

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CCampbell -> RE: TDK Digital Mixmaster (8/30/2001 3:41:15 PM)

DDM or Digital Mix Master is a low end tool provided by TDK.

They honor the Copy Prohibit bit set on the Audio CDR you have. It will allow you to make a backup or copy of an orginal Audio CD, but it will not allow you to make a copy of a copy.

You should use the Nero software that should also have come with your TDK Recorder, to make copies of copies.



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