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dug42584 -> Warcraft 3 (12/11/2002 2:34:58 AM)

can someone please tell me step by step how to burn warcraft 3? i have nver done this befroe. i have the latest version of nero and windows98. please help. thanks

kmaszk -> RE: Warcraft 3 (12/12/2002 6:55:10 AM)

well what you need to use is clone cd and read to image at like 2x or 4x speed. Then burn the image at 2x or 4x speed to make sure it will work, hope this helps[:D]

dug42584 -> RE: Warcraft 3 (12/18/2002 7:00:44 AM)

ok well i almost burnt warcraft 3 but my cd-r is not big enough to hold it. what did evryone else do to get it to fit?

Mujju -> RE: Warcraft 3 (1/31/2003 8:01:22 PM)

I am new at this burning thing, and i need help making a backup of Warcraft 3, can someone please help me, thanx

Blues96 -> RE: Warcraft 3 (2/2/2003 12:40:26 AM)

I too, have been making coasters trying to clone Warcraft 3, I downloaded CloneCD and just made another coaster. What do I need to do?

Blues96 (blues96@sbcglobal.net)

Mujju -> RE: Warcraft 3 (2/3/2003 1:54:50 AM)

are u supposed to make the image separately at a slow speed and then burn the image after at a slow speed?

<<this is to make a backup copy of Warcraft 3>>
can someone help me make one?
my email: mujju_j@hotmail.com

Tron -> RE: Warcraft 3 (2/3/2003 9:46:43 AM)


Mujju -> RE: Warcraft 3 (2/4/2003 1:25:53 AM)

Full Title : Warcraft III Reign of Chaos
Protection: SecurRom *new* V
Burner: Made by LG not sure of the model 40X12X40 speeds
Playing it on : Burner
OS: Windows XP Professional

Someone help me make a backup of Warcraft III please, sepcifications are given above. If u need more info please email mujju_j@hotmail.com . and i do have CloneCD 4 but don't know how to use it. thanx for yur help

Tenshi42 -> RE: Warcraft 3 (2/14/2003 8:45:49 AM)

i am sure you hear this all the time but i am also having some problems making a copy of warcraft 3 for me and my roommate. so....

software: warcraft 3
protection: SecurRom V
burner: LG CD-RW CED-8080B Revision 1.04
playing on: TOSHIBA DVD-ROM SD-M1212 Revision 1R14
OS: Win98 Second Ed. the last and only windows.

if you could help me out that would be awsome


j00k -> RE: Warcraft 3 (2/18/2003 12:18:39 PM)

If your cdrw is up to snuff, all it takes is checking the correct settings in CloneCD to make a perfect copy of WC3. Only thing is the copied disc won't be able to run in cdrws but runs fine in cdrom/dvdrom.

Regenerate Data Sectors
Read Subchannel Data from Data from Data Tracks

Then write like you normally would and that should do it.

Tron -> RE: Warcraft 3 (2/18/2003 3:10:09 PM)

Use Alcohol 120% and it should work. Just make sure to use the "Securom *New (V4.x)" profile.

prekie -> RE: Warcraft 3 (5/17/2003 1:01:16 PM)

I'm afraid to say you carn't copy securom 4.84 with clonecd there is
a few ways around it you can use Alchol120% or blindwrite but clone carn't copy it...

pinhead -> RE: Warcraft 3 (8/4/2003 11:22:42 PM)

A neighborhood kid who comes over to play pinball asked me for a bavkup copy of it. Read all the threads, nothing would work. Alcohol 120 trial would emulate but not burn a working copy. I ended up burning the emulated drive files using Easy CD Creator and that worked. Hope this helps someone!

GA Pinhead!

tripplesixty -> RE: Warcraft 3 (8/8/2003 7:29:56 AM)

for all you who need to know how to coppy wc3 go here it has been done.... writ'n step by step. http://www.cdrinfo.com/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=10606

hope this helps you all...[;)]

ihavealot? -> RE: Warcraft 3 (6/12/2006 7:33:14 PM)

pinhead the same thing happend to me can you tell me how to fix it. TY

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