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cheeseandbun -> LG GSA-4120B or NEC ND-3500A (9/2/2004 5:15:20 AM)

I'm torn between the LG GSA-4120B and the NEC ND-3500A. Which would you buy and why? I only want it to "back up" my DVD collection on to DVD-R and copy data. I have been waiting patiently for the NEC ND-3500 review...when can I expect it!!?

emperor -> RE: LG GSA-4120B or NEC ND-3500A (9/2/2004 5:21:55 AM)

hi and welcome to our forum. The main reason we haven't yet posted the review of NEC 3500A is the fact that NEC is preparing a new firmware that supposed to improve the drive's performance especially when writing at high speeds and double layer discs.

For sure the NEC 3500A has bigger un-official support than LG GSA-4120B, LG GSA-4160B is also coming at few weeks so things are more complicated [:)]

cheeseandbun -> RE: LG GSA-4120B or NEC ND-3500A (9/2/2004 5:41:05 AM)

Thanks for the speedy reply! Excellent site btw. What are the specs of the LG GSA-4160B? I really want to get a DVD burner a.s.a.p. - I can't wait any longer. I have done alot of research and it has come down to these two drives. I live in Spain and I can get them at relatively the same price. I think the LG is the for me (plus you awarded it 'Editors choice') but the NEC does sound good on paper. During your review process of the NEC, have you found that it is capable of backing up the latest safedisc protected discs? In your opinon, if you had a choice, right now, which would you buy?

emperor -> RE: LG GSA-4120B or NEC ND-3500A (9/2/2004 6:04:52 AM)

The specs of LG GSA-4160A are the same as the GSA-4120B the only thing that changes is the maximum DVD+R writing speed of 16X.

The LG drive works great with selected media, but no much unofficial support is there (speed hacks, media 4X @ 8X), while the NEC does

I cannot decide myself, until we have the new firmware and really finish our tests

cheeseandbun -> RE: LG GSA-4120B or NEC ND-3500A (9/2/2004 6:18:25 AM)

OK - thanks for all your help. Much appreciated. I think I'm gonna go with the LG. However, when do you think the NEC review will be posted?

cheeseandbun -> RE: LG GSA-4120B or NEC ND-3500A (9/2/2004 7:56:50 AM)

Actully - I've just spotted the Pioneer 108 on sale in a store near me. I've heard quite a few good things about this drive. I have read your review which doesn't make my decision any easier. I really need someone with experience to help me make a decision. So now it's out of the LG 4120, the NEC 3500 or the Pioneer 108! I guess I am sort of set on the LG because you gave it the 'Editors Choice' award. I realise that there isn't a perfect drive out there and that each has it's own 'pros' and 'cons'. As i said before, all I want to do is "back up" my DVD collection on to DVD-R. Although it would be nice to have x4 DL burner and be able to copy SafeDisc protected discs. HELP ME, PLEASE!

emperor -> RE: LG GSA-4120B or NEC ND-3500A (9/2/2004 9:33:49 AM)

Hehe, i was wondering when we will come down to this quesiton:

LG 4120 vs NEC 3500 vs Pioneer 108

Hard decision [8|]

cheeseandbun -> RE: LG GSA-4120B or NEC ND-3500A (9/2/2004 12:09:51 PM)

Indeed! You can see my dilemma! Anyone else want to add there views? I've heard that the Pioneer 108 has a new firmware update available the improves the writing quality/speed etc! The Pioneer is starting to look better and better...

Air -> RE: LG GSA-4120B or NEC ND-3500A (9/2/2004 3:12:42 PM)

I would go for Pioneer but his 16x speed is a joke... So for the moment the best choice seems to be NEC 3500! It is faster than pioneer even at reading DVDs (16x w stock firmware).

emperor -> RE: LG GSA-4120B or NEC ND-3500A (9/2/2004 4:36:03 PM)

The Pioneer DVR-108A has been improved a bit with new 1.10 firmware...[8|]

Deleted User -> [Deleted] (9/2/2004 4:41:42 PM)

[Deleted by Admins]

cheeseandbun -> RE: LG GSA-4120B or NEC ND-3500A (9/14/2004 5:58:30 PM)

howz the NEC 3500 review coming? i cant make a decision without reading our expert review...

emperor -> RE: LG GSA-4120B or NEC ND-3500A (9/14/2004 7:05:47 PM)

Should be out soon, our team is working at this

vtec_fanatic -> RE: LG GSA-4120B or NEC ND-3500A (9/15/2004 12:19:09 AM)

This topic is exactly what I'm looking for. I was convinced about buying the LG4120B after reading the review, but had small worries over the range of media it would take. Then I saw all the hype about the NEC 3500A.... I'm going to be buying in the next day or two.... so I need to make this decision quick! haha Just like cheeseandbun I've waited so long to finally get my hands on a dvd writer!

At the moment I'm leaning towards the 3500A and hope the firmware updates will fix everything in the near future. But LG is the editors choice.... argh!!

vtec_fanatic -> RE: LG GSA-4120B or NEC ND-3500A (9/15/2004 12:25:09 AM)

Oh and reading performance isn't the highest priority as I'm going to be buying a DVD-Rom as well... Can't seem to find Toshiba readers here in Melbourne Australia. The shop I'm buying from just seems to have LG/Samsung/Lite-On 16x48x DVD-ROM.... Any hints on which one?!


Deleted User -> [Deleted] (9/15/2004 2:25:09 AM)

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