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gundig -> nero won't run, anything else? (10/7/2001 10:18:14 AM)

I GIVE UP! can't get nero to run on my machine above 5.0.29 tryed 5535, 5540, and 5551 all crashed and burned. I'm tired of loading nero and then having to run a ghost backup to restore my hard drive after nero screwed it up. Is there any other software that's stable & that will coexsist w/ clonecd?


digi -> RE: nero won't run, anything else? (10/7/2001 11:34:13 AM)

You might like to try Sony's CdExtreme, (it's actually Prassi PrimoCD).
It's a very good burning application, works simple and fast.

The best thing is you can get a legal full version of it for FREE!
It was a mistake by Sony, but I'm not getting into it now.

Download version 1.3.39 by right clicking and saving or by dragging this Link to your downloader.

and upgrade it to 2.07

I gurantee it won't mess up your system, it's a 'computer friendly' software.

Enjoy !

best regards,
new member my foot

CCampbell -> RE: nero won't run, anything else? (10/13/2001 3:08:13 PM)

How does it crash and burn?

Did you try with installing only the Nero 5551 Demo, not upgrading over others?

Does it lock up upon booting your computer after installation? Or when you launch Nero? Or in the middle of a write operation?

What other software and hardware do you have on your system?

Anything unique?



gundig -> RE: nero won't run, anything else? (10/13/2001 8:14:29 PM)

hi Craig,
I tried loading nero all different ways all w/ the same results. with each attempr BSOD was the result. I emailed you before to ask for all the known vxd's that conflicted w/ nero and remove any that were in the email. the last time it locked up is when I loaded my scanning software in the startup folder. everytime it locked up I needed to use go back or had to use a ghost image to get out of it. this has been an on going problem for about 3 weeks trying to get nero to run.
here is the profile I sent to nero:
>> ClientName : mike
>> ClientSurname : cinelli
>> ClientEmail :
>> ProductName : Nero
>> ProductVersion : 5.0
>> OperatingSystem : Win98SE
>> CDBurner : plextor cd-r pxw1210s
>> CDBurnerFirmware : 1.02
>>after loading nero system wont restart, bsod
>> IDEPrimaryMaster :
>> IDEPrimarySlave :
>> IDESecondaryMaster :
>> IDESecondarySlave :
>> SCSI : Yes
>> SCSIController : adaptec ah2940u2
>> IOMEGA : Yes
>> IOMEGAName : zip 100
>> IOMEGAInterface : IDE
>> Scanner : Yes
>> ScannerInterface : USB
>> Motherboard : tabor II
>> MotherboardChipset : unknown same as 440bx
>> DeviceManager : No
>> WinASPIVersion :
>> OtherCDRSoftware : no
>> InstalledDrivers :
If you need anything more email me. Id really hate to throw nero out but I cant keep backing up and reloading windows every time I try to load nero.


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