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starkie -> RE: Hiren's BootCD 6.0 (8/10/2005 8:03:00 AM)

Hi there, I've just discovered the same problem as flip3962. After hours of waiting for Ontrack Easy Recovery to work its magic it has found my files- yippee! But, it then asks you to specify the destination for the recovered files to be saved to. I try to select c:\ because its my master drive (I'm trying to rescue data from my slave drive) but it gives me an error message, saying that the location cannot be written to. The Boot CD seems to work a drive called r: - I don't know if that is part of my hard drive or the RAM.

Can anyone help - its so frustrating to be within touching distance of my precious files but not being able to go any further!!!


flip3962 -> RE: Hiren's BootCD 6.0 (8/10/2005 2:54:30 PM)

[;)] I found the answer.  Actually with the help of a promptly answered e-mail to Hiren . . .  both of my HDs were NTFS (probably yours too).  DOS cannot see NTFS.  I installed a new drive (to replace the crashed one) and formatted as FAT32.  Now OnTrack Easy Recovery has somewhere to write recovered files!  I am having some success, but still working on recovering data.  Good luck.

SiliconFreak -> RE: Hiren's BootCD 6.0 (8/11/2005 2:58:19 AM)

Way to go flip3962....[;)]

I guess you helped many members with that....thanks!

flip3962 -> RE: Hiren's BootCD 6.0 (8/11/2005 3:00:15 PM)


toni bui -> RE: Hiren's BootCD 6.0 (8/23/2005 12:59:59 AM)

I able to create own bootable image (Thanks to SiliconFreak) but I realize I use up only 37MB from 700MB free space then I try to put another DATA inside but I'm not able to do that.
I try to create ISO combine DATA by using UltraIso but ...unsuccessful.
Is there anyway to create the Hiren's bootCD together with DATA. Please help me. Thank you!!!
My Email: daotruongson2003(at)

Note by SiliconFreak : My advice is...that You never write your full email in any forum (rather use (at) instead of @), unless you would like to receive tons and tons of spam...[;)] Because there are some programs that scan internet and record all email addresses they might find...and @ sign is their major you use (at) or some similar other sign instead of @...the program wont know that its an email address...[:)] And also...majority of members will know what you meant with that....dont worry... And for even better and safer rather use Private messaging here instead (PM)....[;)] Its your choice....good luck! (and Welcome to our forum btw) [;)]

SiliconFreak -> RE: Hiren's BootCD 6.0 (8/23/2005 10:26:30 AM)

Me again...[:D][8D]

Now about your problem...yes...all images take entire disc even if the software or something else that you're burnign is i.e. only 10MB...the image burning process will make the rest of the disc unusable for later sessions. didnt said which software did you use when trying to add more data onto same disc (image)? I guess you cant do it in some Nero-alike burning do that you may use (at least I use this one for such cases - although there are many other such programs that would also do the same just as good [;)]) may do almost whatever you want with images...add files, delete,etc..etc...and burn them later....[:)] So you easily open this ISO in MagicISO....then drag&drop files you want to add from desired location to that ISO...and finally save that new iso...and its done...files are added...then just BURN...and ENJOY! [;)]

Well thats how it goes at MagicISO...but I guess other members maybe use other programs for such please drop by and help toni bui with your advices...[;)]

Have a nice day/night....


Morpheousman -> RE: Hiren's BootCD 6.0 (8/28/2005 5:32:35 PM)


Here is the latest......

Hiren's BootCD Vers. 7.3


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