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T3TRISizer -> RE: Internet Explorer (8/21/2004 4:59:35 AM)

Great tools indeed jimmm! [;)]

I personally have 2 lines width at taskbar...so its no problem for 12 windows to be open and seen without problem (even up to 20 or bit more there is enough visibility to see which is which - but what more do you need? 40,50,100 open windows at once??? [:D][:D][:D])...but I am also aware that closing them might take some time [:)]...and that latest "invention" of sorting more of them under one tab is kinda messy...so I rather prefer old sorting...without putting them together...[;)]

Anyway...those 2 programs You listed sure look promising for all those people who prefer to have everything sorted and arranged in even more rational way...so thanx again buddy...I am sure others will be happy also! [;)] (I just dont like to have another line listed above under toolbars...already have 2 extras....so thats enough...maybe makers of those programs should think of us too...and offer some 3rd alternative way to solve this problem [:)][:)]).

Have a nice day everyone!


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