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arith -> USB-HDD Bootable (8/20/2004 6:04:20 AM)

Now more and more people consider to have a 2.5 inch's HDD with a slim USB 2.0 external/portable storage device instead of USB Flash Disk. The reason is due to the capacity compare to the price.

Now even some vendor has released 1GB USB Flash disk with the price lower than US$ 100, but a portable 2.5 inch's HDD which has 40GB capacity is just about US$ 80~90.

Well, those portable HDD is supported USB-HDD bootable, if you have a motherboard which supported it.

Can someone suggest some motherboard which support USB-HDD Bootable?


digitaldoc -> RE: USB-HDD Bootable (8/20/2004 1:43:14 PM)

I believe most of the new motherboards are USB bootable. They really need to be as folks are not putting floppies in many of their systems lately. I know that my Shuttle SN41G2 in the bios can be selected to boot from the floppy. A very useful feature with the number of usb flash and hard drives available currently.

arith -> RE: USB-HDD Bootable (8/21/2004 12:13:48 PM)

Yep, I know there should be lots of new M/B supported USB-FDD and USB-Flash booting, but seems like USB-HDD bootable is too new that I can't find which M/B has already supported.

Hoping there will be more and more M/B will support it in the coming days. At least before I upgrading my M/B....

Cooler -> RE: USB-HDD Bootable (8/22/2004 6:51:15 PM)

Coincidence? I recently had to replace my dead MB and I found that replacement (old ECS K7S5A) has USB booting option in BIOS. Apparently even some older MB's have this capability.

Unfortunately I never got USB memory key working correctly as boot device. It's reckognized as boot device and booting even starts, but process dies shortly after starting. Maybe it's because of USB of MB is v1.1 instead of 2.0? Anyways, USB-HDD is also available. [:)]

Erm... can anyone explain what are boot devices BBS-1...BBS-4? [&:]

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