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Wyno -> Questions about hdLoader - hdlDumb (8/16/2004 6:05:34 PM)


Im kinda newbee in the moding thing for ps2 and I have some clear questions about how you use hdLoader.

1- Is hdLoader free ? if yes, where can i find it ? if no, where can i find it ? any cracked version ?
2- Once i have hdLoader on a CD, how do I FORMAT my 80go Maxtor hdd that is install in my PS2
3- Is it possible to upload data (games) on the HDD with the network adaptor ? if yes, how ?
4- Do i need a modChip to install hdLoader on my memorry card ? if no how do i install it on my memory card ?
5- who do I need to thank for this gift of the sky that is hdLoader ?

If someone can anwser all these questions it would be a nice little newbee f.a.q !
Thanks a lot evryone for this forum priceless information !

see ya around !

emperor -> RE: Questions about hdLoader - hdlDumb (8/17/2004 6:35:39 AM)

Hi Wyno and welcome to our forum, i will try to answer most of your questions:

1) No HDLoader is not free (at least i paid for it), there are some free-hacked version, which need some work to install at Memory card, i don't have links.

2) The HDD can be formatted within HD Loader, or with a PC software

3) Yes its possible with several software, the latest version of HDL Dump supports it

4) Sorry i don't know this answer [:)]

5) Possilbly the guys who originally developed HD Loader [8D]

kpgboy -> RE: Questions about hdLoader - hdlDumb (8/20/2004 10:52:09 AM)

4) if you don't have one, then you are going to spend alot more energy than someone who does. Try to find a buddy that has a modded PS2

NismoR34 -> RE: Questions about hdLoader - hdlDumb (8/20/2004 2:03:22 PM)

4) Do a google for PS2 modding forums or somthin like that wen u find a forum jus ask or do a search on their site

shadowg -> RE: Questions about hdLoader - hdlDumb (8/25/2004 8:15:52 PM)

Hello there. You can download it in this web site. HERE (its in .torrent format.) I hope you dont mind.

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