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SiliconFreak -> Quicken 2005 Premier (8/11/2004 5:46:02 PM)

Intuit Inc., www.quicken.com
$69.95 direct

Numerous small improvements, such as Bills and Scheduled Transactions snapshot that lets you track all of your payments in one place.
No changes compelling enough to entice Quicken 2004 users to upgrade.
Bottom Line:
Quicken 2005 brings incremental improvements to an already first-rate personal finance package. If you're using Quicken 2004 (or Microsoft Money 2004), there's no urgent reason to upgrade (or switch). But users of older Quicken versions will want to take a look.

Read more HERE.

Source : PCMAG

claudiusd27 -> RE: Quicken 2005 Premier (9/5/2004 12:53:48 PM)

I like many of the improvements in this version.
BUT somethings I do not like.
I cannot sort my MEMORIZED INVESTMENT TRANSACTIONS ( regular transactions can be sorted). In Q 2003, at least the Memorized Investment transactions were automatically sorted for you. It takes me 10 times as long to enter an investment transaction than it used to.
Is this a bug? If so it should be corrected ASAP. Or do I have a faultly installation?

Wish list: A choice when viewing the investment transactions. I MUCH prefered the investment register in Q 2003 to Q 2005. Wish Quicken offer a choice of the old and new like WIN XP offers a classic view option.

SiliconFreak -> RE: Quicken 2005 Premier (9/5/2004 2:17:00 PM)


I will try to look and see about Your sorting "problems"....just tell me please which version of Quicken2005 do You use? (Deluxe, Premier or Premier Home&Business?)

And finally...about wish list...I agree that it would be great to have option to choose between old and new look...soooooooo...write to Intuit's Feedback centre....CLICK HERE (Your suggestions and comments on Intuit or our products or services)

So..respond ASAP and name Your version...and...contact them and tell them Your wishes[:)][;)]...and in meanwhile I will try to check it out and see what could be done...[8D]

Greetings, SF.[;)]

SiliconFreak -> RE: Quicken 2005 Premier (9/6/2004 4:11:57 AM)

Hi again! [:)]

Just a short update...

I tried Quicken 2005 Premier Home&Business...and its exactly as You said...other transactions could be sorted...but this memorized investment transaction list CANT BE!?...its just listed in the order You memorized those transactions...so I guess that You really should contact them and tell them about this. I also dont know how that was in Quicken 2003...but if it was sorted as You said...then they really missed that or just didnt think that this is so important to have it in Q2005!?...I also know that it really might take very long to search for something there if this list is very long...so once again...try to contact them...that way You would know exactly where You stand and whats going on...CONTACT THEM ASAP is all I can say! [:)][;)]


And let us know later what did they say about that...[;)]

Have a nice day.

*SF OUT*[:)]

claudiusd27 -> RE: Quicken 2005 Premier (9/6/2004 11:29:36 AM)

Thanks for response.
I'm using QUICKEN PREMIER 2005.

Have sent to Quicken suggestions for SORTING and for giving choice of old or new look.
Problem is don't know if they are dealing with these items.
Please join me in contacting Quicken. Hopefully if enough people complain they will do something.

claudiusd27 -> RE: Quicken 2005 Premier (9/11/2004 1:36:33 PM)

Additional problems found in Q2005 Premier. Yesterday I entered a SCHEDULED GROUP of INVESTMENT TRANSACTIONS. These were in a investment account --call it INV_XYZ.
Each transaction has always added $ to my checking acct call it XYZ since all transactions are
either DivX or IntIncX.
After taking about 30 minutes to complete a task that usually takes 3 minutes, I found that I could not reconcile my checking account XYZ although all transactions were correctly posted to my investment acct.
I checked and found that all my MEMORIZED investment transactions had been incorrectly CONVERTED from Q2003 to Q2005. This has NEVER happened before when I have upgraded many many times to new versions of Quicken.
What seems to have occured was that the account to which a transaction was to transferred to Ie checking XYZ was not carried forward to my converted data.
BOTTOM LINE--I just uninstalled Q 2005, reinstalled Q2003 and spend an hour reentering all my data since I switched to Q 2005.
Q 2005 PREMIER is not ready for prime time.
I don't know whether to take it back and get my $ back or wait for R2 update.
Will almost assuredly take it back. But if Quicken published a list of problem they were working on and mine were included I would be patient.

SiliconFreak -> RE: Quicken 2005 Premier (9/12/2004 6:53:59 AM)

hello again...[;)]

I will say once more...just write to them and tell them about that!...and in meanwhile I recommend You the use of Q2003 instead of Q2005!...[:)][;)]

Ohh...I almost forget...I wrote them previously (as You asked me to) about sorting problems and I also included few lines about option to include old look from Q2005 in Q2005 (altough I personally dont know how it looked like - never used it [8D])...so I hope now that they will try to fix those 2 things also...we may just hope and pray i guess...[8|][:)]

In meanwhile I also uninstalled it...it just isnt worth it...not my time nor my nerves...[8D][:D][;)]

Wish You all the best in getting either new fixed version or Your money back ASAP...[;)]

Take care and enjoy!

*SF OUT* [;)]

claudiusd27 -> RE: Quicken 2005 Premier (9/12/2004 11:46:20 AM)

Many thanks. I will continue to monitor this forum for any input from other users

SiliconFreak -> RE: Quicken 2005 Premier (9/12/2004 1:59:37 PM)

No problem. And if I came by any of the news about Quicken2005 issue...I will also post here...[;)]

Have a nice day!

claudiusd27 -> RE: Quicken 2005 Premier (9/20/2004 1:48:10 PM)

Does anyone have any idea when the first update R2 might be expected?
And does Quicken ever give indications as to what might included in an update Release?
Have uninstalled Q2005 and returned to Q2003.
Might return to Q2005 but NOT until "the fix is in"

SiliconFreak -> RE: Quicken 2005 Premier (9/20/2004 4:03:50 PM)

hello again claudiusd27...[;)]

nothing new till today huh?[:@]

well anyway...about your questions...I dont know about first one (when will update R2 be released)...so I think the only solution is to hope and pray to be ASAP, and also to check their homepage regularly...

And about indications of what is included in new releases...there is solution already[:)]...just click HERE (its a Downloads and Updates page from Intuit) and click on desired product (Quicken 2005 is not yet listed...but when update is out...You might find it on the list also). So after clicking on some product (I personally checked Quicken 2004), just click on "whats new in latest quicken program release" and it will list You entire changelog, so You might easily see what has been fixed or changed and so on...[;)]

Well thats it for now...I hope that they will publish update soon...but till then...everything what remains is good will, smile & regular checking of their update page (making them some traffic they need [8D])...

Have a nice day/night, ENJOY!


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