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WinThusiast -> Files Will Not Automatically Download Under XP SP2! (8/11/2004 5:28:45 PM)

Many websites will start sending a download 3-5 seconds after a view visits a page. This will no longer work after SP2.

Many download sites have you visit a page and wait a few seconds before your download starts.

By design, this practice will no longer work for a user after SP2 is installed. For security reasons SP2 will no longer allow downloads without an user-initiated action.

Many spyware companies used this technique to install their evil progies.

Many of the legetiment download sites will say someting like "if you do not receive your file in 5 seconds, please click here." If you have SP2, that file ain't ever coming until you click the link.

Welcome to the new SP2 world. [:)]

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scuba_steve -> RE: Files Will Not Automatically Download Under XP SP2! (8/12/2004 3:18:39 PM)

There is another solution as well that would increase security. Do not render the page at all. Instead, Internet Explorer can use Microsoft Narrator to describe you what would appear in the screen if the "dangerous" page would render on the screen [:)]

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