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SiliconFreak -> Kazaa Media Desktop 2.7 (Free Version) (8/7/2004 10:24:18 PM)

The Kazaa Media Desktop is a second-generation peer-to-peer file-sharing service with which you can search and download media files from other Kazaa users. You can also organize and play/view your media files through an integrated media jukebox, publish your own work, reach an audience, and communicate with other Kazaa users. Kazaa supports audio, video, software, games, images, and documents.

You may download it HERE.

Source : TechZones

Dolphinius_Rex -> RE: Kazaa Media Desktop 2.7 (8/8/2004 5:03:27 AM)

You forgot to mention it supports spyware and adware....

SiliconFreak -> RE: Kazaa Media Desktop 2.7 (8/8/2004 11:59:26 AM)

Yes, I guess I missed that one...[sm=matrix08-coolemoticons.gif]

Thank You for reminding me, Dolphinius_Rex [;)]

So for all the others...here is more

What You Install With Kazaa v2.7(free version)

Kazaa Media Desktop (KMD) - this is the main application that lets you search for, download and share files.
TopSearch - this displays quality, digitally rights managed files (marked with Gold Icons) in search results. Powered by Altnet.
Altnet Peer Points Manager – this is a rewards application for sharing files marked with Gold Icons. Includes My Search Tool bar, Joltid P2P Networking & Altnet Peer Points Components.
BullGuard P2P - BullGuard P2P provides virus protection when using Kazaa Media Desktop.
Advertising - delivered by Cydoor and the GAIN Network.
PerfectNav - Provides alternative websearch results when browsing.
Kazaa v2.7 is a free download which is also supported by the following sources:

Content - payment for distribution of Digitally Rights Managed files (marked with Gold Icons).
Sales of products and services - eg. Full version of BullGuard, MatchNet, etc.

I guess that explains everything...plenty of junk indeed...and thats why I prefer REGISTERED VERSIONS, cause they are free from adware and other annoying stuff...[:D][:D][:D]

Have a nice day.

MP3Mogul -> RE: Kazaa Media Desktop 2.7 (8/8/2004 7:58:11 PM)

Or Kazaa Lite.... it's free, without the spyware as well.

Leviathan -> RE: Kazaa Media Desktop 2.7 (8/9/2004 2:52:08 AM)

Kazaa Lite 2.4.3 is a lot better than Kazaa 2.7 [;)]

MP3Mogul -> RE: Kazaa Media Desktop 2.7 (8/9/2004 6:14:40 AM)

I MUCH agree!

SiliconFreak -> RE: Kazaa Media Desktop 2.7 (8/9/2004 8:21:59 AM)

guys, guys, guys... [:D]

I believe You all that there are better Kazaa programs than 2.7! But the point is that 2.7 is NEW! And thats why I posted it. [8D]

Buy the Licence and Register...and all ADWARE,SPYWARE and other crap would fall off (at least thats what they say!?)...and afterall...its only $29.95 (Kazaa Plus 2.6)...[:D][:D][:D]

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