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WinThusiast -> MICROSOFT XP SP2 UPDATE FINALLY HERE! (8/6/2004 7:07:31 PM)

Microsoft Corp. released a long-awaited security update for its Windows XP program on Friday, a response to the growing number of security shortcomings in the market-dominant computer operating system.

The free upgrade won't be available to everyone right away, however. Microsoft said the timing will depend on several factors, including customers' Internet usage, location and language as well as the overall demand for the package, dubbed Service Pack 2.

Customers who have computers set to receive updates automatically will begin getting Service Pack 2 within a few days, company spokesman Matt Pilla said Friday. About 100 million customers are expected to receive the automatic updates over the next two months.

Source : Associated Press

However...if You have some Edk2 program installed...and just cant wait few days...You can try to download it right away by copy&paste this link into Your browser (but it may take longer than few days - and the only confirmation that the link works is its up to You to decide)


Deleted User -> [Deleted] (8/6/2004 7:09:46 PM)

[Deleted by Admins]

WinThusiast -> RE: MICROSOFT XP SP2 UPDATE FINALLY HERE! (8/6/2004 7:19:01 PM)

Me too Minos. But since I am always up for anything...i started downloading it here also...just to try if link right now...25kbps...and 2.9 hours to go... The only thing thats strange to they said its 80Mb long...and this here is 266MB!? And the original is supposed to be in ZIP or something similar...yet this one is .EXE dont know...will be back later with more info.... But from the pictures in above link, it supposed to be the real final update!? I also dont know if its the same if a person installs it like this or its better to install it thru Windows Update?

Any comments, ideas?

Deleted User -> [Deleted] (8/6/2004 7:22:35 PM)

[Deleted by Admins]

WinThusiast -> RE: MICROSOFT XP SP2 UPDATE FINALLY HERE! (8/6/2004 7:32:27 PM)

Hahahaa....a lot of time You said? [:D]

Just try it Yourself there...You wont get any me...maybe few kbs...but thats it...I have 2mbit line...but I guess we all know how fast could that edonkey network be...sometimes only few kbs...and sometimes like depends on sources...and if they are on phone just get those lousy 5kbps or less from each such source... [8D]

Thanks for the Welcome message...All the best for You too! [;)]

And my OS is just another nice sexy copy...running on even nicer keygen generated key...but all in one...working FINE!
Dont worry...M$ said that EVERYONE gets this update for free (even users like me)...I read that they may even mail it to You for free! Thats the spirit, we have been looking for a long time @ M$ ! [:D][:D][:D] about Your OS? Original? [:)]

Deleted User -> [Deleted] (8/6/2004 7:40:16 PM)

[Deleted by Admins]

MP3Mogul -> RE: MICROSOFT XP SP2 UPDATE FINALLY HERE! (8/6/2004 7:53:19 PM)

You're right it WILL not invalidate your key WinThusiast, but it also will not install on an illegal key

WinThusiast -> RE: MICROSOFT XP SP2 UPDATE FINALLY HERE! (8/6/2004 7:54:35 PM)

OK's the deal...You download and install it...and then report here about everything,ok? [;)]
...and also...dont forget to write how fast is Your download of this I could laugh back to You, too...for sure its not more than those 25kbps that You laughed before [:D][:D][:D]

Hahaha...and I loved Your definition of a "good working backup"...actually thats exactly what I have here also...

Btw...copy? Dont know the meaning either...I just read somewhere so I wrote it before...could anyone help to explain the meaning? LOL [8D]

Deleted User -> [Deleted] (8/6/2004 8:01:06 PM)

[Deleted by Admins]

WinThusiast -> RE: MICROSOFT XP SP2 UPDATE FINALLY HERE! (8/6/2004 8:25:48 PM)

No no no...I will download it anyway...just as i said...cause i just love to experiment...and also...the line should be useful and burning like hell 24/ long i pay for it,right? [:D]

And update for MP3Mogul....will not install on an illegal key? Wanna bet? [:)] Read this article...

Here are few lines of that article...

Both legitimate and unlicensed users of Microsoft's XP operating system software will be able to download the Service Pack 2 security patch for free ... Users can also request a free CD copy of SP2, although shipping charges could apply, something which the company has yet to finalise, said Mr Goffe.
"It was a tough choice, but we finally decided that even if someone has pirated copy of Windows, it is more important to keep him safe than it is to be concerned about the revenue issue," he added.

Go, go, go M$...and make my day...Just love my XP's...SP2 4EVER! [:D][:D][:D]

WinThusiast -> RE: MICROSOFT XP SP2 UPDATE FINALLY HERE! (8/6/2004 8:27:57 PM)

...and if Mr.Goffe from M$ lied (about free for ALL)...there are still plenty of patches already available for SP2 [:D][;)]

WinThusiast -> RE: MICROSOFT XP SP2 UPDATE FINALLY HERE! (8/9/2004 6:04:39 AM)

Hello all...

Just a short update to let You know that I managed to install that SP2 Update (downloaded from the above link)...its my second day with it...and everything works fine...there were also no problems with fine 4 now (got to knock on wood) [:D]

On the other hand...there are not many visible new things...exept from new firewall, antivirus and automatic update center (all joined inside Security Center)...but if M$ wants and recomend it...let it cant hurt to have it installed...isnt it so? [;)]

MP3Mogul...You owe me a beer at least...because it works - and You said it wont...[:)][:)][:)]


MP3Mogul -> RE: MICROSOFT XP SP2 UPDATE FINALLY HERE! (8/9/2004 6:11:36 AM)

Strange, It installed fine on my copy, but my neighbor has an illegal copy and it will not install, it tells him to go to and see if his copy of windows is legal, and it's not, and the SP2 refuses to install.

WinThusiast -> RE: MICROSOFT XP SP2 UPDATE FINALLY HERE! (8/9/2004 6:55:41 AM)

I didnt noticed that link to appear...everything went by maybe my version is legal afterall [:D][:D][:D]
Its some strange copy I guess...but as I said...everything worked fine even in the past and working fine now also...

Btw...a friend of mine who had win98...and upgraded it to XP...cant install even SP1...he receives similar notice to what You said Your friend gets...strange strange indeed...I wonder how M$ sorts which copies are legal and which arent!?

Have a nice day...

*SP2 User OUT* [;)]

MP3Mogul -> RE: MICROSOFT XP SP2 UPDATE FINALLY HERE! (8/9/2004 4:26:53 PM)

They were watching, for a time, when someone registered the copy... to see if anyone else would also register it... This was an old tactic, not sure if they still do that. But now that are "supposed" to be doing IP tracing through Windows Update.. don't know if they are for sure or not... Yes, perhaps your copy is legal... You can go to and see!

WinThusiast -> RE: MICROSOFT XP SP2 UPDATE FINALLY HERE! (8/9/2004 5:29:40 PM)

Yes, but what if only one registered and some other 100 were using the same copy? To see that...they would need to do IP checking also, which isnt hard to do (I guess they are already using it somehow), but then comes another "problem" for to know if there are like 10 users with same registration to know which one bought the program and which others are using copies? Just lock entire program&copies of it completely? Even to person who paid 4 it? I mean...I agree to lock his program too if he has given it to others to make copies...but...what if someone stole his key nr. from his computer and used it to reproduce copies ( so that real buyer didnt even knew what happened)??? Then You cant just lock his program too! [;)] And what about if the buyer has dynamic IP like most of DSL users? How to know who is who then? Also...what if he relocates? Would he need to let M$ know about that....[:D][:D][:D] Strange strange indeed...wait and see...thats what they said (just cant remember who!) [:)][;)]

Btw...I checked that howtotell page, but just didnt get any info about my copy...its just a wizard of somekind asking You what your cd looks like and stuff...I thought that there were some list of illegal keys or something...

Well least it is a WORKABLE COPY for now...[:)]

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