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sixxkiller -> ntsc - pal (11/11/2002 10:31:10 PM)

hi all

i've been trying to back up a few vcds of mine but they never came out properly i:e the picture is all over the place

i got a mate to check em for me and he says the probs is that they are ntsc not pal thats why i cant back em up

my question is which burning software is best for such a conversion nero? clonecd? etc


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ChickenMan -> RE: ntsc - pal (12/11/2002 8:22:17 AM)

The problem is with your DVD Player, not the VCD. In its setup, set the output TV to PAL and it will do the conversion on the fly while you play it back.

Check the backup VCD on the PC, you will find it should play the same as the original.


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