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Nico -> New clonecd (11/4/2002 11:11:41 PM)

Revision History

Version 2002 11 04
Added Virtual CloneDrive
Added Virtual CloneDrive support in CloneCDTray
Added Virtual CloneDrive shell extension
Fixed false alarm in ElbyCheck (Windows 2000/XP)
Fixed Access Violation in ElbyCDIO.dll
Increased Sense Buffer in ElbyCDIO.dll (Windows 9X/ME)
ElbyCDIO.dll is now a shared library in Windows\System directory
Many minor bugfixes
Many minor cosmetic improvements
Version Release to Manufacture
Added setting of Restore Points during install/uninstall
Fixed Hide CDR Media problem
Fixed problem of unspecified write mode
Version Release to Manufacture
Updated Hebrew Language
Improved input of box keycodes

You can get it here: [:D][:D]

Laffin Assassin -> RE: New clonecd (11/5/2002 12:35:31 AM)

Hi Nico
Thanks for the News once again !!! [:)]
I like the Idea of the new Virtual Drive now lets hope this is better than the Buggie Alcohol 120% I have no doubt it will be !!! [:D][:D]

Tron -> RE: New clonecd (11/5/2002 12:52:47 AM)

Alcohol is far from buggy, I have had no problems with it. It is better than CloneCD in my opinion, but CloneCD will always be considered one of the best. LA I am on the support team for Alcohol and take offense to your post. If you are having trouble with it, feel free to ask for help.

Laffin Assassin -> RE: New clonecd (11/5/2002 2:05:45 AM)

Hey Tron
Alcohol is far from buggy unless you have a Nforce based motherboard I have one in a spare computer and it is causing nightmares and I suggest you check your own Support Forum if you think it is bug free and see the problems people are having with it and then come back and say it is bug free !!! [:)]
And me ask you for help that will be a first !!! [:)]
You Say " It is better than CloneCD in my opinion " why have you tried the New version of Clone CD yet and what makes you think it is better than the old Version Of Clone !!! [:D]
We will have to see now Olli has brought the new version out it was the Best Copying Program and it still is as far as I am concered and if you get offense to that TUFF !!!
And if anyone wants to have a look for their selves just go to :-

Amiga Computers -> RE: New clonecd (11/5/2002 2:33:31 AM)

The only good Alcohol is Burbon and if you think Alcohol software is better than clone Ton I think you have been drinking a lot of it.[:p]

Tron -> RE: New clonecd (11/5/2002 5:55:08 AM)

It is a new software that we are working on. Many people are having good success with it. If you asked me for help you might learn something. I think it is time to stop giving out your opinion and start giving out real info.... This is a good product and just because you can not get it to work on all systems yet, does not make it trash. There is a demo, and since this forum is about helping people with all stuff related to CDR and DVDR I think it is better to say that it does not work for you, but may work for some of the users so they might consider trying it. I am very pleased with the results I have been able to get. I bet that there are many users who will have good results as well. I had very many problems with EZCD, but there are people who have had no problems with it, so for them it is a great software. I don't like it, but I am not bad mouthing it since it would only be my opinion and would not help people because they may have GREAT luck with it.

kwkard -> RE: New clonecd (11/5/2002 6:18:54 AM)

what i want to know is if the new verison of clonecd supports 1:1 burned copies or emulation like alcohol uses.

Laffin Assassin -> RE: New clonecd (11/5/2002 6:22:09 AM)

Hey Tron
And you don't give any opinions do you ie:-
" It is better than CloneCD in my opinion " LOL !!! [:D][:D]
I am not giving an opinion I am giving the facts !!! [:(]
And the fact is there is a problem with Alcohol and Nforce based motherboards but you being on the Support team knew that and just in case you didn't have a look here and you will see I have the same problem but I can't find a way around it it is down the the software not being compatable (at the moment) :-
So go on you tell me what to do or are you going to say I must wait for next version of Alcohol and admit there is a problem !!!
You see that is the difference between Alcohol and Clone CD and something you will have to admit Alcohol is not fully ready yet and Clone is that is why it took Olli so long to release the new version with the Virtual Drive !!!
OK give it some time and it may be a good Program but it will never be better than Clone CD it may be as good as when it is finished but never Better Olli is one step ahead and always works hard at keeping Clone where it is the Number One Copying Program and if you try the new version you will see what I mean !!!
OH !!! And if you need any help with it just let me know !!! [:D][:D][:D]

Laffin Assassin -> RE: New clonecd (11/5/2002 6:24:08 AM)

Hi kwkard
Try it and give us your opinion and results !!! [:)]

KenL -> RE: New clonecd (11/5/2002 6:24:45 AM)

I had to throw in my 2 cents. I have always really liked CloneCd, still do in fact but I think Alcohol is a wonderful new product. It copied my SD2 MOHAA with no problem and I bought it to support their future work. Then again, Ollie has always done magic and he is the best so I can't wait to try out his new CloneCD, which I D/L a little while ago. I am sure it will be wonderful or he will fix it so that it is wondewrful.

However, it is good to have a little competition as it makes for better programs and while I imagine CloneCD will always be my favorite, I support those others products as well such as (besides Alcohol) Blindwrite and CDMate and a bunch of other ones as well.

Keep up the good work all of you guys and maybe someone will come out with something that tops CloneCD some day.[8D][:)][:o)]

Tron -> RE: New clonecd (11/5/2002 6:27:22 AM)

I think people who are new sometimes are intimidated by this.

kwkard -> RE: New clonecd (11/5/2002 6:29:58 AM)

i wish i could try it and do some tests of my own but the hardest game i have to copy is F1 2002 frome EA Sports that uses safedisc and my ltr-48125 copied it flawlessly. If i had some cash right now id go out and buy hitman2 or another securom 4 protected game. But i'm sure clonecd will work great even if we don't have 1:1 backups of the newest titles yet.

Thanks Olli!

wauchula -> RE: New clonecd (11/5/2002 6:31:16 AM)

@Laffin Assassin - You know, this used to be a nice, friendly forum where you could get help and information without being flamed for no reason. Since you have arrived it has taken on a whole new tone. I've also noticed that there is a lot less traffic than before too.

I'm sure that you'll have a really smart@ss response because that's what you are most famous for. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but if it differs from yours you ridicule them. And you seem to be as bad or worse to your own colleagues as you are to members.

I wish you would take these comments under consideration instead of just coming back with a response making excuses for your behavior. You give the whole place a bad feeling.

Amiga Computers -> RE: New clonecd (11/5/2002 7:02:38 AM)

Flamed for no reason
wauchula Listen you xxxxx LA does the Moderator job as it should been done it has been far to easy on this forum to say what you want weither it was right or wrong and if you rock the boat you deserve to be told how it is. As for you saying since he arrived it has taken on a whole new tone yes you are right it has taken the tone for the better and he goes out of his way to help people who need help.
It is also quite obvious you are a friend of Tron and are here to hold his hand (No offence Tron this is not aimed at you). But LA is right what he says about Alcohol it is only in it's earlier days but at the moment you cannot say it is better than Clone.
Also I seem to recognise your posts the way you word them from the past I think you have re-registered under another user name and I think you are one of the Idiots who has had a go at LA before and lost.

Tron -> RE: New clonecd (11/5/2002 7:25:58 AM)

I need nobody to "Hold my hand" and watch your language when calling people names here!

Amiga Computers -> RE: New clonecd (11/5/2002 7:35:16 AM)

Typical you let him say what he want's about LA and then tell me off just as I thought buddy buddy with him arnt you?

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