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j`` -> blizzard game burning (10/24/2002 8:21:41 PM)

Hi I'm tryign to burn a game cd (mostly blizzard games)
and they have many cd protections on them.
I have a yamaha crw2100e (16/10/40)
and I'm trying to burn starcraft broodwar or diablo2 expansion
I know I have to use clonecd to keep the protections in tact but what I'm wondering is how I have to setup clonecd for those two games. Does anyone know of a program that can detect the protections on a cd?
And how can I find out if my burner is properly suited for it?


Luna -> RE: blizzard game burning (10/24/2002 11:24:02 PM)

If you are using CloneCD 4, you can use Clony XXL. It will detect the protection on the CD and tell CloneCD what to to.

Not sure if it works with 3.x, I have never tried.

Broodwar wont require any effort, and the Diablo 2 expansion should run fine if you do it right.

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