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Luna -> Two Second Gap (10/23/2002 4:30:28 AM)

I dont understand this. In the past, to get rid of the Two Second Gap between Audio Tracks, I would just burn in DAO mode and it was all good.

But now with my new Yamaha F1 and Nero I cant get it to make a CD with out a two second gap between tracks.

I have a Yamaha F1 Internal with 1.0d, and the latest version of Nero.

Someone point me in the right direction [B)]

wauchula -> RE: Two Second Gap (10/23/2002 2:43:32 PM)

Dolphinius_Rex -> RE: Two Second Gap (10/23/2002 8:32:55 PM)

Sometimes you have to go in and manually change the gap to 0:00, it's kinda annoying, but that's probably what you have to do. Just double click on the audio file (in the audio compilation window) and you can set it's pause time.

CCampbell -> RE: Two Second Gap (10/23/2002 10:47:15 PM)

If you have upgraded to our latest Nero, you can use the Nero Express interface,by clicking on the 5th Icon from the left, and in Nero Express, when you select the Audio format, there is an option you can check for 'No Pause Between Tracks' which will remove the 2 second gap for you automatically. You still must write in DAO mode of course.

But if you use the Nero Classic mode, you have to go in and manually remove the 2 sec gap between traks from the audio files Properties.
and then burn in DAO mode.



Luna -> RE: Two Second Gap (10/24/2002 2:18:07 AM)

I tried to set the gap to "0 seconds" but it said my Yamaha F1 was not able to do that.

Luna -> RE: Two Second Gap (10/24/2002 3:28:28 AM)

I did what you said in Nero Express and it worked.

Strange thing is that it wont work in Standard Nero.

Still have to try it out in my Stereo though.

Luna -> RE: Two Second Gap (10/24/2002 4:43:08 AM)

Maybe it's just the nero software ?

On "comercial" CD's that I buy, the 2 second gap is filled with Audio on most CD's so it can fade between one track to the next without a stop.

Nero Express did what I told it but left about .2 seconds of silence between the tracks. Gives me just a little Pop.

The strange thing ? I told it to burn in DAO, but I think it did it in TAO b/c the laser kept stoping. Gonna go get more Cd's and keep trying.

Matthew -> RE: Two Second Gap (10/24/2002 11:50:16 PM)

Were you using MP3's as source? - due to limitations of the encode/decode process, they never join up perfectly - unless you use an encoder/decoder combination that sucessfully handles merge (and then they only join up in the same order).

And I neant to note .... AHA! a reason for those already comfortable enough with "Nero Classic" to use "Nero Express"

Personally, I use "Wizard" to make sure everything is straight for a simple task - and dump Wizard if I need more control (overburn/90 is impossible from Wizard)
Just looked at Express - UGH!
Perhaps because I came from Easy CD Creator, and set the layout in Nero to be similar (compilation bottom), I find anything else rather incongrous.

MP3Mogul -> RE: Two Second Gap (10/25/2002 12:59:49 AM)

Luna, you can still use the classic Nero interface (latest release) once you have your compilation list and are ready to write, select all the tracks then right click and select properties, then you can edit out the 2 second gap.... It does work with the F1 I do it all the time.

Dolphinius_Rex -> RE: Two Second Gap (10/25/2002 1:17:03 AM)

Some burners require that you have a 2 second gap on the first track, but allow 0 seconds for the following tracks.

Luna -> RE: Two Second Gap (10/25/2002 1:17:09 AM)


I tried that, btw I always use Nero Classic in Non Wizzard mode, and I figured out that I can get rid of the two second gap, but the tracks dont join together like I want them to. They are like .2 seconds off when it switches from one track to the next. It turns out I have to set a 2 second gap before the first song, and then Nero is ok with setting the rest of them to 0 seconds.

I do have Cool Edit Pro 2.0 which can join the files together, but then I would have the problem of telling the burner where to set the track marks. Can you do that in Nero ? Maybe Cool Edit has the ability to do this [B)]

Luna -> RE: Two Second Gap (10/25/2002 1:35:16 AM)

Well The Audio files have joined very well, but burning them seems to be a problem.

If you know of any way to burn a single .wav file with multiple tracks/file names, please let me know. The file names are not important, but finding a way to split up the tracks on the CD is.

wauchula -> RE: Two Second Gap (10/26/2002 12:57:31 AM)

Luna -> RE: Two Second Gap (10/26/2002 1:50:00 AM)


Instead of just posting a link, why dont you give me some information on why I should use that software ok ? At the moment I simply refuse to install that unless you can provide me with some information on why I should.

Tron -> RE: Two Second Gap (10/26/2002 7:07:43 AM)

Well what I think wauchula was telling you is to try this software and see if it will do what you want. Feurio is known as a good software for Audio. It is worth a try. Can not hurt.... Thanks wauchula.....

Luna -> RE: Two Second Gap (10/26/2002 7:21:52 AM)

Sorry, but I am picky about what gets installed on my PC. I try to avoid installing software that I am only going to use once or twice. It's the only good way I know of to keep Windows running fresh for a long period of time.

I dont think I wll be trying Feurio, even though it sounds tempting. I no longer have the need for it at the moment. Thanks anyway wauchula and Tron.

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