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zxlr8 -> Backup games for non-modded xbox or ps2 (5/13/2004 1:42:37 PM)

Hello All,
This is my first post.....can you get an xbox or ps2 to read a game disc if the nec-2500a has the right bitsetting firmware? I want to backup games, but am not wanting to mod my xbox or ps2. I already have a fast gaming pc in my rack for everything under the sun. I realize bitsetting helps on old dvd players to play movies, but I am not sure what is needed to do this with games.
Lite-on 52x dvd player/cdwriter
Nec 2500A DVD writer
Athlon 2400 mobile overclocked to 2.7 gighz(faster than anything out currently)
NF7-s mobo
1 gig pc4000
Radeon 9800 xt at 460,402(804 ddr)
2x80 gig raid 0 SATA
MAdddd Coooling(fans)

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