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pete1336 -> WinXP packet software problem? (8/6/2002 8:41:56 AM)

Hi all,
I've written asking this question before I think and never got an answer which solved my problem so I'm gonna try my luck again. You can see from my sig below the hardware I am running. What I want to know is why when I install the latest versions of nero and clone does WinXP Pro's own cd writing software quit working on me? How do I get it working again?
Many Thanks,

Asus A7V266 with the Athlon XP 1900 cooled with Swiftech MC462-BA with delta screamer and Coolercase Storm) running WinXP build 2600 RTM-.Creative Labs GF4 4400ti 128mb @300/650 DDR Det. 30.82/DX8.1, 512mb Cruicial PC2100 DDR, sblive, IBM 45 GB 7,200rpm ATA100, Pioneer DVD106s,Liteon 32x cdrw with a 19" Ilayma monitor!

john -> RE: WinXP packet software problem? (8/6/2002 4:05:21 PM)

Unfortunaly even with the latest version of InCD, we coulnd't make it work under WinXP...

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wauchula -> RE: WinXP packet software problem? (8/6/2002 4:54:03 PM)

It's pretty much a given that only one packet writing package can function at the time. Packet writing depends on the software being loaded with the system because it needs to know what program to use when you drag and drop. You might can uninstall Nero and then reinstall everything but InCD, the packet writing portion. Either that or disable the Windows XP software and use InCD instead. The best thing to do would be to avoid packet writing altogether. Learn to use multisession. Of course the best multisession software is Easy CD Creator.

pete1336 -> RE: WinXP packet software problem? (8/7/2002 11:54:51 AM)

Thanks for the replies fellas.

Tron -> RE: WinXP packet software problem? (8/7/2002 2:19:22 PM)

You are using Nero and CloneCD. Good choice. I agree that if you want packet writing then you should try InCD. When using Nero, I have had less trouble with InCD than DirectCD. As far as XPs writing software, it is ok, but is not as good as Nero and InCD anyways. So it is no loss.

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