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Xelarator -> DiamondCD™ (7/28/2002 6:50:44 PM)

Hey guys..I recently came across a auction on E-Bay..
Here is the link:


Its about DiamondCD. it supposedly claims to be very good. Personally i never heard of this. They go onto say:
DiamondCD CD-Rs were made for one particular reason and that is: to provide a product that looks just like a normal retail CD, but also can be recorded on with a computer CDR drive. The invention of this dye was made not too long ago. Big media studios were really against this because for the obvious reasons: counterfieting & piracy. Once the dye was developed, it's technology was sold CDR manufacuturers at a handsome price. The CDR media market took a steep leap up with the development of this new technology. The orginal DiamondCD group just sat down and collected their patent money and the rest is history. Today only one manufacturer makes the original DiamondCD. Currently there has been a influx of “diamond” media copy cats. Because some of the smaller manufacturers cannot afford to pay for this patent (or don't want to pay), you notice that there are many different types of “diamond” CDRs out on the market. Most of these knock-offs are really a sad case. They look nothing like the real diamondcd cdrs and even more so, they hardly work with your most common CDR drives. Some of these cheapys look really good and maybe even better, yet they are only compatible with a few drives! Rest assure our DiamondCD CDRs use the original diamond patent along with phthalocyanine to give you stability and compatibility that will meet your expectations.

Well>...Let me KnoW wat u think..personally i think its no different than cd-rs made by CMC, Ritek, and Princo. Well let me know...

To Buy or Not to Buy? That is the question. :)

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john -> RE: DiamondCD™ (7/29/2002 5:06:13 AM)

Heh...don't believe all that companies trying to say for selling their products

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HybridHB -> RE: DiamondCD™ (8/19/2002 12:42:21 AM)

I have them, they are made by prodisk (or at least the dye is). I have the 32x ones but my burner is 24x. I havent had any problems with them either, im using a Teac 524E. My cousins Liteon 24102b likes it too.

Dolphinius_Rex -> RE: DiamondCD™ (9/14/2002 11:29:18 AM)

My store sells them, they're a cute little gimick, but don't spend extra on them. They're easy to find in speeds of 12x and 16x, anything faster then that gets a little harder, but they're out there. Personally, I like sticking with regular CDs. If you want to produce your own software, and don't want the people buying it to know how much info is actually on the CD-R, then they are worth buying...especially if you want to charge $100 for 50MB of apps or something LOL!

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