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Kasumi Fuji -> Major Problem with 24102b. Please help. (8/24/2001 5:04:33 PM)

I just purchased a 24X Lite On cd-rw drive and installed it into my system with no problems. I used Roxio Easy CD Platinum 5.02 to burn two discs using Imation branded 16x media, (However, they were burned at 24x successfully). Both discs worked fine, and the drive performed flawlessly. I then went to burn a disc using Discjuggler 2. Unfortunately I forgot that the copy of Discjuggler 2 I have forces burning at 1X, because it canít use any other speed. According to the specs for the Lite On 24102b, it cannot burn at this speed, however the drive appeared to be recording normally. About half way through recording, my system locked up, and the recording light on the drive continuously flashed green. The only thing I could do is a hard reboot (killing all power to the system, then turning it back on). When I restarted I realized the mistake I had made with discjuggler, and started to record another disc using Easy CD. It worked fine, however when the burn process finished, the Lite On drive's light kept flashing green again and locked up my system. I tried to burn another CD and the same thing happened. I also tried burning with the new CDRWIN 4.0a and the same problems occurred. The driveís light just wonít stop flashing green after the write process has finished. This completely locks up my system. They only way to regain control is hard booting my computer. Also now if I leave the disc I burned in the drive when rebooting, the light will continue to flash green and lock up the system once windows loads. Oddly the CDs burned after I made this mistake are fine. They work normally with all data burned to the disc with no errors. The drive just wonít end the sessions correctly. I tried updating to firmware s504, but this didnít fix the problem. Everything worked fine until I mistakenly used discjuggler at 1X. Did I damage my drive by accidentally forcing it to burn at a speed that it isnít rated at? I was under the impression that a drive couldnít burn at a speed it wasnít designed for under any circumstances. Oh wellÖ Any help would be greatly appreciated.


wvi -> RE: Major Problem with 24102b. Please help. (8/24/2001 5:57:19 PM)

hmm yeah thats verrry weird !

1e check if the Liteon drive is Master
2e check if the DMA is activated
3e you can uninstall discjuggler maybe that help
4e reinstalling windows
5e if nothing helped replace the drive with a new one

personaly i don't think that disjugler is cabable of damaging drives but i am not 100 % sure so don't tel the store heheh

good luck !

Slider -> RE: Major Problem with 24102b. Please help. (8/24/2001 6:23:12 PM)

I also dont think DJV2 has support for any of the new drives try uninstalling the program though it is werid sry couldnt be more of help :(

Though i can say DJv3 works fine with that drive i also have it and burns fine at 24x :) with the same program

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