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zphoenix -> CloneCD, ClonyXXL and Neverwinter Nights (7/18/2002 11:05:00 AM)

Hi, I'm new and finally register after reading on the side for months. Thanks everyone esp. laughin assassins for the info on how to backup this game.

I've wasted at least 5 good CD-Rs trying to back this game without avail. I've followed instructions to the T and downloaded the most recent CloneCD & ClonyXXL (on 7/17/02). My computer and clony still won't recognize securom. I have P4 2 GHz with plextor 40/12/40 cd writer (I thought these guys can burn everything but I guess I read somewhere they scaled back on account of the DMCA crap).

I finally gave up and tried the uninstall CloneCD, reboot, change to canada, reboot, reinstall clone CD. I backup up yet again the third CD with MANUEL settings (pull down menue for securom) since clony didn't recognize it with AWS. After finishing it FINALLY RAN. I HAVE A WORKING BACKUP.

But that's not why I'm writing this. Since I had 5 other working copies that it didn't work before ... I wanted to throw it away. In my clumsy way, I mixed up the good copy with the other five so I had to run all five to see which one worked. Well I was suprised when I realized all the other 5 WORKED.

I changed the setting back to US from Canada, tried to run the good copy as well as the other 5 and ALL did not work. I changed it back to canada and it worked again.

I don't know if anyone's ran across this. This is what happened so I wanted to pass this along to everyone.

BTW, gamecopyworld has a file you can download that you don't have to have the CD to play. This has made my efforts easier as I can install, download the file and keep my CDs lockup so it doesn't get damage by babies.

Laffin Assassin -> RE: CloneCD, ClonyXXL and Neverwinter Nights (7/18/2002 4:53:51 PM)

Hi zphoenix
Thanks for the comments and just to make it easy for other new members to know what the Hide Media in Clone CD is for I will post my explaination of it again!!!!!
It hides the ATIP information. ATIP gives information about the used media (e.g. size and manufacturer). Some copy protections read the ATIP to find out if the CD is a copy or an original. If ATIP information is recognized it is obvious that it's a CDR and therefore a copy. Once the copy protection has recognized this information it will ask for the original CD. And to Sum Up most CD Writers can read the ATIP and most CD Readers Can't! You can enable it in the Clone CD Version 4 icon in the task-tray.
I hope this Helps !!!

Laffin Assassin

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