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zinc404 -> Kodak gold/silver media (7/17/2002 11:38:32 PM)


I live in Australia and different media is hard to come by. I seem to get the best success from Kodak gold/silver disk's.
How do these rate internationaly? Any feedback would be great.


Laffin Assassin -> RE: Kodak gold/silver media (7/18/2002 7:28:50 AM)

Hi zinc404
I have used them many times in the past and had no problems with them but here in the Uk there are quite expensive compaired to some of the other good quality brands so now I use the 32x Unbranded Ritek and I get them to write at 40x with no problems at all!!!!
I hope this Helps !!!

Laffin Assassin

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Clint -> RE: Kodak gold/silver media (7/18/2002 8:25:52 AM)

Yeah they're pretty good.

L.A. They are among the cheapest here!!


Eastman/Koday have pulled out of the CD-R business, so later on you may have difficulty to find their media

However, I seen Kodak 24X rated here. (the highest I've seen previously here in Oz was 12X. Maybe they are made by different manufacturer?? But still sell under Kodak name...)

Their 8X certified works flawlessly with my LTR-48125W @ 48X though. Thats a whopping 40X faster than what their certified for !!

You get what you pay for...

rjw -> RE: Kodak gold/silver media (7/18/2002 3:13:27 PM)

Gold is very good and one of the best made media.
The silver ultima disc's are above Average

zinc404 -> RE: Kodak gold/silver media (7/18/2002 3:59:32 PM)

Thanks for that

Yes they are a bit more expensive, but yeh if they work... :)
I ordered my 40x Liteon (My 2x really does need replacing) yesterday after reading the aticles here, so I hope I can get them to burn well at that speed too.

Thanks again


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