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sonic -> InCD vs DirectCD5 (8/24/2001 1:22:01 PM)

OK, I want to be the first to start here goes.
Whats your preference.

Personally I prefer DCD5..why? Later.

Sillygates -> RE: InCD vs DirectCD5 (8/24/2001 5:21:16 PM)

I like incd I find that Direct cd (4 and possibly 5) waste a lot of space, on my old hp drive could only burn 623MB

john -> RE: InCD vs DirectCD5 (8/24/2001 8:36:36 PM)

We are using InCD for more of our tests. Cannot comment upon DirectCD since we haven't really tested the latest 5.0 builds.

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Sillygates -> RE: InCD vs DirectCD5 (8/25/2001 12:50:27 AM)

other thean loosing a little more space with dcd the two are about the same

sonic -> RE: InCD vs DirectCD5 (8/25/2001 12:50:51 PM)

Well, I like DCD utility. InCD doesnt have one.

SteveG -> RE: InCD vs DirectCD5 (8/25/2001 4:34:56 PM)

InCD dont works on Win2K SP2 with Intel UATA drivers installed.

[c]-thr00 -> RE: InCD vs DirectCD5 (8/27/2001 12:20:14 AM)

DirectCD sucks even though I've never used it. hahaha. ahead InCD rockz in my opinion. I've only used abCD and InCD in my CD-RWing life and I prefer InCD over anything.

freesurf001 -> RE: InCD vs DirectCD5 (9/3/2001 3:35:01 AM)

tried DirectCD once at a friends place...and hated it, i think we had trouble formatting a UDF cd back to a regular CD but i don't really remember (all i remember is we hated it)... had him switch to Nero INCD :)

InCD is the best

Boots (old) -> RE: InCD vs DirectCD5 (9/3/2001 2:47:21 PM)

2 weeks old story:

DirectCD will not work with perfectly good CD-RW medias:

I have had so much stress and trouble over this software. It came bundled with my LG burner, so it was the last thing my mind could think of checking.

The problem was, that every CD-RW media I put into my burner was rejected with this message:

"bad or unsupported media"

I thought, it was my burner, that was bad, but nowhere could I get a working answer to my question: "Is this acceptable?". The best I got was: "maybe bad media try other brand".

But finding other brand CD-RW media took days of searching 8 different PC stores and several super markets - days of feeling unsecure, if I had just bought a piece of crap. As I had allready had a bad Lite-on burner, I knew it would not look good, if I wanted this one swapped too.

A friend of mine took one of my "bad" medias and "nursed" it with InCD - she could use it in her Acer burner. Could it realy be true, that I had to live with the fact, that my burner would only deal with sertain "tested-to-work-with-LG" medias?

Now I have installed InCD, And My burner is happy to eat every single one of those "bad or unsupported medias" - even the one, that would make my sytem freeze untill ejected.

I can't believe, that LG has chosen to ship their Burners with this Bad Bad software.

Just wanted to warn people!

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