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Hobnob -> ZS0J (6/4/2002 4:43:58 PM)

Guess what, NERO now says that Mt. Rainier is Supported . I haven't burned or simulated any discs yet so I don't know if the firmware 'officially' supports P-CAV as well. But let's hope it does !!

If it isn't broken, make it go faster !!

Laffin Assassin -> RE: ZS0J (6/4/2002 4:49:36 PM)

Hi Hobnob
Yes you are right it does support Mt. Rainier now. Somthing else I will mention is that the TDK Cyclone 401248b which is also based on the Lite-on but comes in a lot better case has supported it since its release.

Laffin Assassin

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Hobnob -> RE: ZS0J (6/4/2002 8:17:23 PM)

So much for 'match more media'. Well don't believe everything you read. My drive will no longer even reckogize my Imation 16x CDR's which burned beautifully at 40x. So now it's on to 48x, hopefully that firmware can use them again.

If it isn't broken, make it go faster !!

Hobnob -> RE: ZS0J (6/4/2002 9:06:03 PM)

Okay I'm probably talking to myself but I tried some other CDRs like Cursor 12x 80Min (the colourful ones) which were recognized but when I went to burn a CD it looked like it was writing the lead-in (but it wasn't) and then repeatably ramped up and down untill I rebooted the computer as nothing else would stop it! So with ZS0J I couldn't even burn a single CDR !!!

Now on to OCing, Flashed the drive with VS02 and WHOA 542Mb in just 2:17 on an Imation 16x 80min - the same disk that the drive spat out at using ZS0J. It's funny how leaked code is more stable than offical code !!

If it isn't broken, make it go faster !!

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