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bromo -> using data-cdr's in houseroom cd-player (4/20/2002 9:52:02 AM)

Is it trough that some brands of houseroom cd-players only works with audio-cdr's and not with data-cdr's because only the audio-cdr's have a code needed by the player to work ? ( cdr's recorded via pc )

Mender -> RE: using data-cdr's in houseroom cd-player (4/20/2002 2:25:36 PM)

That is not correct. The Audio CDR's are for recording on a home CD music writing unit and the atip contains the information for the writer to recognise it is a CDR that it can write to. If you are burning music on a PC it is better to use data CDR's. They are generally better quality than audio CDR's as data is not as forgiving on bad bytes as audio. A missed or bad byte on audio wouldn't be noticed but with data it would mean the difference between a file working or not working.

Home and car CD players arequite happy to play standard data CDR's with music burnt on a PC, as long as the player is CDR compatible. Most modern ones are but some older ones are not. If a player is not CDR compatible, it won't play either type of CDR anyway.

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