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zakaf -> Problem with 90 min CD-R (4/18/2002 3:09:44 PM)

Hi all,

I've bought a EURODATA CD-R 90 min / 800 MB 4x media. When I put it into my recorder the writer software shows the disk as it would be an 80 min CD-R.
I am using a PHILIPS CDRW 1610A recorder and Nero I've tried with Easy CD Creator 5.1 but the result was the same.

Does anyone know what is wrong?



Matthew -> RE: Problem with 90 min CD-R (4/18/2002 4:02:41 PM)

It identifies as 80 minute, (79:59.xx) as there is no capability to report larger values in the standards.

According to this
The 1610a does not support "overburn" and therefore cannot exceed the indicated capacity - even though THIS media is designed to!

If this has been rectified in later firmware (test using the "Overburn test" in the Nero CDSpeed (in Nero Toolkit), then you will need to set up Nero to allow overburning to 89:59

Easy Cd Creator will NOT support >80 min operation, as they do not allow overburning.

zakaf -> RE: Problem with 90 min CD-R (4/19/2002 5:21:19 PM)

Thanks Matthew!
I've looked at Nero's Philips page and I noticed too that 1610a does not support neither overburning nor burn proofing (seamless link as Philips says).
But it seems I'm a lucky man and I have a newer model/firmware 'cause it supports seamless link (it is written on the front of the drive), and according to the Nero CdSpeed Overburn test my drive is overburn capable.
This way the solution was so simple as you said: I have set the overburn option in Nero and the drive have successfully written ~85 min (748 MB) to a 90 min CD-R.

Thanks again.

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