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ZIRCON -> Plex 12/10/32A (3/26/2002 7:04:12 PM)

How do you make a succesfull copy o MOHAA using CLONE CD on this Machine?

john -> RE: Plex 12/10/32A (3/27/2002 7:26:12 AM)

You cannot. Use external patches from

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ZIRCON -> RE: Plex 12/10/32A (3/27/2002 9:58:45 AM)

I have tried Perfect copy SRIII and ClonyXXL to work with CloneCD But maybe I am Not getting the settings right,I have read in some Forums That some people have had some luck with Plextor writers making backups with SafeDisk2 in the Game, If so what are the settings?
But it could be that thease people are just Blowing wind

ZIRCON -> RE: Plex 12/10/32A (3/27/2002 6:44:05 PM)


You cannot. Use external patches from

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Which Patches Do you Mean And How Do You Install Them ?
We Are New To This!!!!

R00KIE -> RE: Plex 12/10/32A (3/30/2002 8:56:21 AM)

you can allways play the backup from your burner using "hide cdr media" (i think)
and about those patches follow the link john gave you and then search for what you want. it's all i can tell you


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