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SPittwood -> HELP! writing dying at 5% (3/17/2002 2:34:52 AM)

Hi all,

I have a PCRW804 which has been working well for the past year or so, however it has recently started acting up.

When I try to write a CD (using CDRwin or Nero) it gets to about 5% and stops, the write light goes off and the read light starts blinking and I can't eject the CD without a reboot (red light comes on when I try to eject it). It also locks the computer up requiring a push of the Microsoft button (power switch).

It is set up in the following way:

Primary Master > HDD
Primary Slave > CDRW
Secondary Master > HDD
Secondary Slave > DVDRom

Running WinXP Pro (I can write using the builtin software but disc isn't always readable).

Any ideas appreciated



glenerd -> RE: HELP! writing dying at 5% (4/13/2002 7:38:52 PM)

I 've seen some feedback on other sites about this drive failing best bet go buy a new one.

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