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pgaultsc -> LTR-16101B Firmware (8/23/2001 7:05:33 PM)

Yes, I downloaded the firmware ugrade from your web site and lit-on's web site. Niether one will flash to the new firmware. I have 3 other friends with the same drive. They all get the exact same failure code as I do. Is there anyone who sucessfully flashed to the new firmware for this drive? And if you did, please tell me how to do it. The flash program looks straight forward, but fails every time.

Phalcon -> RE: LTR-16101B Firmware (8/24/2001 9:14:58 AM)

I got the dos version of this firmware. If you want it mail me

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Jonathan Spiers -> RE: LTR-16101B Firmware (8/24/2001 4:44:25 PM)

I flashed my new 16101b just after I installed it and it worked fine in windows. Most other people seem to have had to resort to the dos version. Might help if you close down all your tray apps (I did), but otherwise, just make sure you're in pure DOS mode (boot disc/restart the computer in MS-DOS mode).


DrDismaul -> RE: LTR-16101B Firmware (8/24/2001 6:51:20 PM)

Jonathan's right. I would never flash anything...especially from within windows...unless i knew i wasn't running any programs that could be using the pci bus - potentially causing the new bios data to be corrupted. Most hardware can recover in the case of data corruption. Bios flashes can't because you're writing over the very code that compensates for the corruption.

btw, what's the error message you're getting?

pgaultsc -> RE: LTR-16101B Firmware (8/26/2001 10:27:44 AM)

Just wanted to say thanks for all the help guys, but Phalcom hooked me up with the dos version of the flash. And everything worked great.

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