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sadamson -> TDK 24/10/40B drawer eject (3/9/2002 8:25:02 AM)

Anyone found a final solution for the TDK 24/10/40B continuously ejecting disk drawer problem? I saw a post here a few weeks ago that mentioned changing IDE cables/power supply cables along with numerous reboots and after the re validation of XP that this caused, my drive finally worked as master with my old zip as slave - except it was variously detected as CDROM/CD-R/CD-RW but NEVER allowed me to write to disk (XP threw up a disk error as soon as files were dragged to it). TDK's only response is to advise a firmware upgrade that I already told them I had applied in the original problem report! Any help greatly appreciated as this is my first writer and I've obviously still got a lot to learn.

p.s. drive worked fine for about a week before the tray eject problem started.

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