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j8hn -> Antivirus Firewall (8/23/2001 5:21:49 PM)

Hi all, suggestions please for the best antivirus and firewall setup. Easy to run,fast, not too get my drift answers on a postcard please

john -> RE: Antivirus Firewall (8/23/2001 7:46:17 PM)

For antivirus use AVX Expert ( and for firewall i would suggest Norton FireWall as an easy solution. I know there are dozen of other firewalls but for me it does the dirty work (or at least i believe so..).

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fvmi -> RE: Antivirus Firewall (8/24/2001 4:45:48 AM)

I prefer McAfee for antivirus and ZoneAlarm ( for firewall.
ZoneAlarm is easy and for free.

Sillygates -> RE: Antivirus Firewall (8/25/2001 1:06:13 AM)

I use Zonealarm, I highly recommend it

freesurf001 -> RE: Antivirus Firewall (9/3/2001 3:38:00 AM)

Is there a free anti-virus solution out there? (not just 30day trials)

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