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ken boyce -> Mitsumi OEM CDRW (8/23/2001 12:23:44 PM)

Hi, I have a Mitsumi CR48X5TE installed as OEM in a HP 8860 (Athlon)purchased recently. I can find no reference to this model at the Mitsumi site and they have not replied to my emails. Does anyone have any information. What is the difference between a CR4805TE and a CR48X5TE model? What driver (firmware) should I be using?

The model # is taken from system information which indicates Firmware ver 1.4A. However the driver seems to be a MS generic. What is the difference between the firmware and the driver?

Any help would be appreciated as the Mitsumi site is somewhat lacking for a major manufacturer.

john -> RE: Mitsumi OEM CDRW (8/23/2001 1:52:07 PM)

4805TE ID string is actually 48X05TE so its the same drive. I think a newer firmware update exists for your drive and if you face problems you should install it.

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netman -> RE: Mitsumi OEM CDRW (8/23/2001 3:17:10 PM)

hi ken. as john says it is the same drive. i have one of these drives and i love it. it's an excellent reader for fast error skip and subchannels and will burn anything but sd2 and even that will work in the burner. it's also one of the few that can write a full 99min cd with no errors.

the latest firmware is 1.8a and you should definitely install it. the mitsumi site is lots of times out of date and i sometimes go the the europe site for better info. won't worry about the driver because in windows that's irrelevant.

for more info you can go to the unofficial mitsumi site at and check out the forum there.

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Sillygates -> RE: Mitsumi OEM CDRW (8/25/2001 1:12:37 AM)

lots of comkpanies support 90/99 minutes including liteon(99minutes)

ken boyce -> RE: Mitsumi OEM CDRW (8/25/2001 4:23:51 AM)

Thanks for the replies. I downloaded and installed v1.8a.
I think the difference in the two models may be the front plate which on my oem unit does not have the ph jack and vol control shown in photos of some other models.

Another starter question - My Hp8860 comes with both the Mitsumi 48X5TE CDRW and a Hitachi DVD GD7500, ECDC 4.02c, DirectCD 3.01c, as well as a 60G fast HD. Any advice on how best to manipulate these for copying data disks/files or music would be appreciated. I've downloaded the trial ver of CloneCD but at present am somewhat overwelmed with the basics of file types, copy formats, errors, buffers, R vs RW media, storage times, etc. The kids are into pop music, I'm into serious Hi-fi and have a large vinyl collection as well as the need to backup/archive business data and eng. dwgs.

I assume that in some situations it is best to read and write using the Mitsumi only, possibly with or without the HD (what is the buffer size in the CDRW), in other cases it may be adventageous to read from the Hitachi and write with the Mitsumi,possibly with or without the HD.

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