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timbyski -> Which is BEST cd-backup software??? (2/21/2002 5:15:04 PM)

Hey! Loaded question, I know! To summarize: using nero w/ new liteon24102b cd-rw - making backups, mostly games. Which, in someone's expert opinion is best software for making reliable backups? clonecd? -but hate to pay for more software if nero will usually do the trick - seemed to, but having problems w/ some games I've tried backing up lately. May be my settings though, as I am not yet an expert of the subject. Any help??? ---Oh, also - does anyone know where I can find a DETAILED documentation on settings for nero? Documentation w/ program does not explain all options, etc. and website FAQ's are useless! Thanks!:)

4SDFED -> RE: Which is BEST cd-backup software??? (2/21/2002 5:45:59 PM)

I'm a newbie to backing up cd's. It only took two tries to sucessfully copy a cd using CloneCD, and with Clony to find out which copy protection it used. Then clony passes the settings you need to use with CloneCD, and away you go! Sorry can't help with Nero. I just downloaded it and haven't used it yet.


netman -> RE: Which is BEST cd-backup software??? (2/21/2002 6:28:10 PM)

nero is no good at all for copying protected game cds. get clonecd or cd mate for that.


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