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ZM -> How to CD-RW? (1/30/2002 4:50:36 AM)


I'm new with CD-RW recording (not CD-R, just CD-RW). Can anyone explain how it works? I have some questions:

[1] Do I need to format, or clean the CDRW before first use? And after the first use?

[2] The laser power is different from burning a CDR to CDRW. Which one is the most powerfull?

[3] Since the laser power is different, how do I tell the software that it's going to burn a CDRW instead of a CDR, so the software can adjust the laser power of the recorder?

[4] If I have a iso or bin image, I can burn it to a CDRW to test if the software (recorded on media) works, and then make a final burn to a CDR. Can I then re-use the CDRW? Making a format or something or what?

[5] How to clean a CDRW to enable it for a new "print"?

Thank you for you'r attention!


phop007 -> RE: How to CD-RW? (1/30/2002 10:17:36 AM)

Do you mean CD-RW burner or CD-RW Disc, you can use cd-rw disc as cdr disc the difference is cdr can't erase but cd-rw disc can erase.

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Tron -> RE: How to CD-RW? (1/30/2002 11:39:14 PM)

That is correct. To use a CDRW disc just put it into the drive and burn it like a normal disc. The advantage is that you can erase it and use it again for something else if you like. The only time you need to format a CDRW disc is if you plan to use that disc for packet writing. Like when you use DirectCD or INCD to write files to it like a big floppy disk. I find packet writing to be crap, and dont do it anymore. The data is unstable and can be lost easy. I just use a CDRW and do multisession with NERO, then once I have a disc that I want to keep, I just burn it to a CDR and erase the CDRW and start over. But hey, to each thier own.....

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