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ZM -> Choosing Media ... :) (1/7/2002 4:16:36 AM)

Good Day,

I recently bought a Plextor PX-W2410TA :) and want to by the best media for the beast!

Thing is, in my local stores, I find various media, but none of the plextor recomended ones ... I would like some

opinion about them, if plextor works 100% with them, and which of them is better this plextor.

CDR Media:
[1] Sony CDR 700Mb 24x (Model CDQ-80N2)
[2] Memorex CDR 700Mb 24x
[3] HiSPACE Metal CDR 700Mb 24x
[4] HiSPACE Carbon CDR 700Mb 24x High Tech UVProtection
[5] MMORE Multi-speed 24x CDR 700Mb
[6] TDK Reflex Metal 650Mb 16x (I prefer Sony 24x because of speed)

CDRW Media:
[7] Sony CDRW 650Mb 4x-10x High Speed

I don't have much choise when it comes to CDRW, if I whant High Speed 10x ... but Sony only gives me 650Mb ... if I

whant a 700Mb CDRW, I must change brand, to [HiSPACE 4x CDRW 700Mb] ... I need some advice, thanks.

Thank you for your attention

john -> RE: Choosing Media ... :) (1/7/2002 6:04:15 AM)

The Taiyo Yuden based media will do the job

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ZM -> RE: Choosing Media ... :) (1/7/2002 7:21:37 AM)


Yes, I believe Taiyo Yuden will do the jobs right, but in my local store I can't find no plextor recomended media ... the only ones I find are the ones listed above ... what do you think about them?


rkenshin -> RE: Choosing Media ... :) (1/7/2002 7:23:16 PM)

Sonys and TDKs would be my choice. Possibly the TDK 16x certified media would still burn at 24x. But anyway, these media are reliable!

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mantis69666 -> RE: Choosing Media ... :) (1/8/2002 6:12:17 PM)

If you actually check the company of most Sony CD-R's they are actually manufactured by Taiyo Yuden. I currently have a few more left of Sony 700mb disks that are Yuden made. I usually buy them from Best Buy. If your in the states you could check out their website at Otherwise I get my media from It cost me 33.00 for 100 spool of King Pro 24x CD-R's. (Not the best quality but I haven't had a coaster yet, out of probably 20 used)

jb0395 -> RE: Choosing Media ... :) (1/10/2002 2:57:42 AM)

the sony 24x are made by taiyo yuden as long as they say made in japan on them and has a black spinner lock on top of the spindle . Those would be my preferred choice .

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rjw -> RE: Choosing Media ... :) (1/11/2002 2:20:18 AM)

Best quality. First remember writing quality is based on many things. If a Plex can burn good on MMORE it doesn't mean that a AOPEN burner can burn good on these disc's. It depends on quite some things how good the quality will be in the end. Also there is a difference between 24x rated and 24x rated in time.
Let's say you burn at 24x.Now the MMORE disks will be burned in allmost 6 minutes (lookst like a 16x burned) however the quality is much better as the Taiyo Yuden and Mitsui burned discs burned at 24x in 4 minutes.

The Explanation MMORE isn't recognized correct and the plex sets everything on safe when writing at 16x.
Now when lowering the speed with the other brands you will see allmost the same result. The Conclusion if you want high quality burn your disc's at 16x.

Safe buys of the 6 you mention for the Plextor PX-W2410TA (This is only fot this burner. Since some burners like some media better than others.)

[1] Sony CDR 700 Mb 24x (made by Mitsui/Taiyo Yuden, Sony)
Best option are the Taiyo Yudens, then Mitsui and then Sony. All 3 are safe to burn at 16x. At 24x Only the quality of the Taiyo Yuden seems to be nice enough)
[2] Memorex 700 Mb 24x (made by CMC Magnetics, Ritek)
If these are Riteks then buy them(good disc !). If these are CMC Magnetics then don't buy them (verry bad disc !!) So better stay safe and don't buy these unless you are shure that the manufacturer is Ritek.
[3]+ [4] HiSPACE (Can't tell you the manufacturer of these)
[5] MMORE (made by MMORE, 4M) Only nice when burned on Plextor burners however when set at 24x they will actually be burned at 16x. But with a very high quality.
[6] TDK Reflex (Made by Taiyo Yuden/TDK/Ritek) All are good whn burnt at 16x. At 24x some can be burned but with mayor quality loss.

The Sony's are good. But I personally like Verbatim HS/(1-4x) 700 mb more but then again Sony is much cheaper.

Personally I think that it is best to stay safe and burn not faster then 16x. With this speed Setting I would recommend [1],[5],[6]
If you really want to burn at real 24x speed then the only option is [1]. However the disc quality will be lower when burned this fast.

jb0395 -> RE: Choosing Media ... :) (1/11/2002 2:29:35 AM)

i have sime Memorex 24x made in Taiwan , cdrindentifier says they are Ritek .

Agent -> RE: Choosing Media ... :) (2/28/2002 8:41:50 PM)

What is cdridentifier?

jb0395 -> RE: Choosing Media ... :) (3/17/2002 2:56:44 AM)

it is a program which tells you who the real manufacturer of the disc is , a disc you buy at a store will always have a company name on it but they just package and sell them the discs are really made by other factories. Started seeing Memorex 32x discs out there made in Japan they're Taiyo Yuden , its good memorex switched from ritek to taiyo yuden .

monkuboy -> RE: Choosing Media ... :) (3/18/2002 9:38:08 AM)

Whatever brand you buy, read the label and see where the disk itself was manufactured. I would recommend media made in Japan. The brand itself is no guarantee of quality. For example, I thought TDK was high quality, but a lot of their disks are made by Ritek in Taiwan, which has a poor reputation. I've seen packages of TDK (and other brands), some of which say made in Taiwan, others say made in Japan on the same shelf. Most brands buy from a variety of manufacturers so you need to look at the label to see where it was made. Once you buy it, use cdr-identifier to verify the manufacturer.

Agent -> RE: Choosing Media ... :) (3/19/2002 3:18:23 AM)

Yeah, I just noticed my brand spanking new Verbatim Datalife Pluses from Sam's are made in Mexico and Taiwan. They are manufactured by Mitsubishi Chemicals though. Can anyone tell me the difference? Also, the Mexico disks are light blue and the Taiwan disks are dark blue. Does the darkness of the dye make a difference? I just spent 50 bucks on these disks and if they turn out to be cheap, I'm going to kick myself for not buying TY.

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monkuboy -> RE: Choosing Media ... :) (3/19/2002 9:20:36 AM)

There's a web site that discusses cd media quality: I don't know how recent their data is, but they do talk about dyes, coloring, brands, manufacturers, etc. Last night I was at Circuit City and Staples. Staples had Sony cdr's that were made in Taiwan. Circuit City had TDK's made in Taiwan, but some in Japan. Staples had Maxell's made in Singapore (which are made by Mitsubishi Chemicals). It gets pretty confusing! But I think the bottom line is to still look at the fine print to see where the discs are made since the same company will use various factories.

timtammy2 -> RE: Choosing Media ... :) (4/14/2002 8:58:59 PM)

In reference to your question re the colour of the Verbatim discs you bought. Metal-Azo discs (1x - 16x recording) are a deep blue. Super-Azo discs (24x plus recording) are a lighter blue. The Azo dye has been evolved to cope with higher recording speeds. These Super-Azo discs have a high sensitivity and wide power margin. So that fact that the discs you bought have a lighter dye colour doesn't indicate a problem just that this is the colour of the newer higher speed Verbatim DataLifePlus discs.

Javeryt -> RE: Choosing Media ... :) (4/28/2002 1:54:05 PM)

It looks like has really good prices for quality media. They have 100 Taiyo Yuden 32X certified for $34. I went to and they had Sony bland CD's for quite a bit more, 50 pack for $30.

monkuboy -> RE: Choosing Media ... :) (4/28/2002 4:08:41 PM)

FYI, if any of you are near a Costco, I picked up a spindle of 100 TDK 32x media yesterday for $34.99 before a $20.00 rebate. Net cost of $14.99 per 100 isn't bad. Just be sure to check where they were manufactured (this can be seen right next to the bar code). Mine were made in Japan and turned out to be Taiyo Yuden; but be careful because there were also ones made in Taiwan which are probably Ritek. You have to look closely because they're all mixed together. At least the ones at the Costco near me were. Also, while I hate rebates, at least Costco is trustworthy so I feel pretty confident the rebate will actually arrive.

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