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thomas -> Burner suggestion (1/5/2002 5:45:08 PM)

I need help deciding what burner to buy. It should have the following abilities:

- No caching, Accurate Stream, C2-Info
- Decent DAE speeds even w/o C2-Info enabled

- Perfect Safedisk2 copy

- Good compatabiliy with CD-R all major brands
- At least average reading speeds

The Plextor 24blabla is quite interesting. Did the firmware updates do any good to Laserlock and TY CDR compatabiliy? Can anyone comment on the audio caching feature and how far it slows DAE in EAC?


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john -> RE: Burner suggestion (1/6/2002 10:48:32 AM)

Yes newer Firmware fixed some problems of PX-W2410A

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freonchill -> RE: Burner suggestion (1/6/2002 3:05:10 PM)

check the review for hte liteon 24x, but im pretty sure that it can do that audio stuff - never do it, so i didnt care.

its about 95% as good as the plextor, and its like $80-90usd or 80-90 while the plextor is still something like $135usd (dont know 's on that one)

but if you want plextor, go for it. i have a 121032a and im not about to give it away or sell it, even though i have the liteon 24x


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